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History of the manufacturer  

Philips Canada

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Name: Philips Canada    (CDN)  
Abbreviation: philips

Philips Industries Limited; Montreal, Canada. Philips has it's headquarters in the Netherlands.

Also: Philips Electronics Industries Ltd.; Toronto Canada (~1960s).


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CDN  57 P255 6BA6  The Canadian Philips model P255 is a 10-tube combination radio / record changer conso... 
CDN  56 P251 12AJ7  Same as Rogers R651. 
CDN  55 Transworld Portable Receiver P458 1T4  The Canadian Philips model P458 is an 8-tube portable or line powered multi-band radio wit... 
CDN  64 International Harvester IH4041 AF185  Circuit Identical to Philips N4C914T except for RF transtor type. Made by Philips Canad... 
CDN  64 N4C914T 2N2093  Circuit identical to Philips IH4041 except for RF transistor type. 
CDN  54 RM603 6BA6  The Canadian Philips model RM603 is a combination radio / record player. 
CDN  54 RM604 6BA6  The Canadian Philips model RM604 is a combination radio / record player. It covers standar... 
CDN  54 P447 12BE6  clock radio 
CDN  50/51 CM27A 6SG7  Phonograph & external speaker connection. This model features top mounted Tuning di... 
CDN  65 Chrysler Solid State - Philips Mark 1 2884 750 AD149   
CDN  58 Ford CA-84MF 12BL6  For Canadian 1958 Fords (Custom and Fairlane) made by Philips Industries Ltd. of Canada... 
CDN  55 P143-2 19D8  Attention: the chassis is connected directly to the mains.