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History of the manufacturer  

Waldorp, N.V. Ned. Instrumentenfabriek, Den Haag

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Name: Waldorp, N.V. Ned. Instrumentenfabriek, Den Haag    (NL)  
Abbreviation: waldorp
Products: Model types

N.V. Nederlandsche Instrumentenfabriek Waldorp was established on August 7, 1915 in Den Haag. Start of radio production in 1923. Special company "N.V. Waldorp Radio" founded for the radio business in 1930. Name changed into "N.V. Fridor Fabrieken" in 1950. Bankrupt in 1954.

Founded: 1915
Closed: 1954
Production: 1923 - 1952
N.V. Nederlandsche Instrumentenfabriek Waldorp was established on August 7, 1915 in Den Haag. Most probably the name was derived from the fact that the company was situated at the Waldorpstraat in Den Haag. Initially Instrumentenfabriek Waldorp was only involved in the production of instruments, but in 1923 its first radios were produced. In the years thereafter not very much activity with regard to radio business was seen, but that situation changed after a new daughter company "N.V. Waldorp Radio" was founded on December 5, 1930. As from 1931 Waldorp Radio designed and sold various models with the brandname Waldorp and it became one of the major radio manufacturers in The Netherlands, though small compared to the giant Philips.
As from 1937 Waldorp radios were no longer own designs, but based on Philips chassis and Waldorp cabinets. After the Second World War Waldorp Radio continued to produce radios with the brandname Waldorp, but at the end of the decade it also used the name Waldorp-Fridor and Fridor-Waldorp and also entered into the business of other products, like irons and vacuum cleaners. In 1950 the brandname Fridor was officially added to the list of brandnames and in the year thereafter the name of the company was changed into "N.V. Fridor Fabrieken". It is very likely that these moves were the result of changes in the ownership of the company. Radios produced as from the year 1951 only carried the brandname Fridor.
Unfortunately the business did not develop as desired and N.V. Fridor Fabrieken went bankrupt in the beginning of 1954. The last models originate from the year 1951/1952.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NL  29 Blok Systeem (Block System) E442  Block system consisting of a HF block, a valve block and a power block. This combinatio... 
NL  31 Super 3 Special 430WL   One-knob tuning. With Bell electrodynamic loudspeaker, gramophone connection, illuminat... 
NL  31 430W   Like 430WL, but without loudspeaker. Illuminated scale, gramophone connection.. 
NL  31 429WL   With Bell inductor loudspeaker, illuminated scale, gramophone connection. Oak cabinet. ... 
NL  31 412W   One-knob tuning. Simpler version of the 430W. Illuminated scales, illuminating MW or LW... 
NL  31 412WL   With Bell induction loudspeaker, illuminated scales. Simplified version of the 430WL. 
NL  31 410W   With gramophone connection and illuminated scales, Oak cabinet with walnut front. 
NL  36 69V AK2  Glimm-Abstimmanzeiger Philips 4662. Regelbare Bandbreite. Auf Schema mit "Achtkrings ... 
NL  38 C178 EK2  Das Modell Waldorp C178 ist eine spezielle Ausführung für Drahtfunk. Siehe auch das Mod... 
NL  31 409PC   Oak cabinet with walnut and metal front. Model 490P has a gramophone connection.  
NL  36/37 47B AK2   
NL  33 Icarus E462  The Icarus construction kit was manufactured by Waldorp and sold by A. Valkenburg (Amsterd...