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History of the manufacturer  

Weco N.V. Radiofabriek; Amsterdam

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Name: Weco N.V. Radiofabriek; Amsterdam    (NL)  
Abbreviation: weco
Products: Model types

Radio-Apparaten en Onderdeelenfabriek "Weco"; Tolstraat 92-94, Amsterdam (1925)

N.V. Radiofabriek "WECO"; De Ruijterkade 141-142, Amsterdam C. (1927)

N.V. Radiofabriek "WECO"; Lijnbaansgracht 8-10, Amsterdam C. (1929)

Show-room and demonstration location: Damrak 57, Amsterdam (1929-1933) and Spui 6, Amsterdam (1933-1934).

Founded: 1925
Closed: 1971
Production: 1925 - 1936
In 1925 Samuel Biedermann establishes, together with Gerard Weber, Radio-Apparaten en Onderdeelenfabriek "Weco" (also named "Weco Fabriek van Radio-Ontvangtoestellen en Onderdeelen"), Tolstraat 92-94, Amsterdam. Initially only accessories for radios are being made, like coils, switches and special resistors, but as from 1927 also radios are being constructed.
In January 1927 the company is transformed into NV Radiofabriek "Weco" with address De Ruyterkade 141-142, Amsterdam. As the business developed quite well, a larger building is purchased for offices, laboratory and production at the address Lijnbaansgracht 8-9-10, Amsterdam in February 1929.
In 1930 Weco makes the move to Belgium (Brussels), where the company Fonior manufactures the Weco models.
In 1936 Weco transforms its activities from radio production into the manufacturing of transformers. NV Radiofabriek "Weco" is liquidated in 1960. The transformer business is sold in 1971.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
NL  28 Plaatspanningsapparaat (Plaatspanning-Apparaat) B   Information taken from Radio Wereld 28/21. Picture Nr.: 227.01 
NL  28 Weco-toestel [4 lamps] A415  This model was given the simple name "Weco-toestel". It was designed by Dipl.... 
NL  28 Salonkast A   "Salonkast A" is a cabinet for building in a radio receiver plus accessories.  
NL  28 Salonkast B   Salonkast B is a cabinet for building in a radio receiver plus accessories.  
NL  28 Salonkast C   "Salonkast C" is a cabinet for building in a radio receiver plus accessories.  
NL  27 Kortegolfontvanger A415  This model is the first Weco radio receiver, called "Kortegolfontvanger" (SW ... 
NL  30 Driebloks Bouwdoos [AC]   This kit was presented in the Biedermann catalogue as number 5012. It consists of three... 
NL  29/30 Algeheel Wisselstroomtoestel [Luxe] E415  This model was available as a "Luxe" model in mahogany (Biedermann catalogue ... 
NL  32 5009 24  See also Weco model 5009 (312) with different front. 
NL  26 Accu Gelijkrichter 451  Battery charger 4 Volt 1,3 A, in square metal box. Available as 220 and 125 V models. 
NL  31/32 Melodie 5009 (312) 24  Material für Gehäuse: Holz und Pertinax. See also Weco model 5009 with a flat front. 
NL  28 Plaatspanningsapparaat A    


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From Italian magazine "La Radio per Tutti" January 1929.tbn_nl_weco_products.jpg