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History of the manufacturer  

Amplion, Alfred Graham; GB (see also USA)

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Name: Amplion, Alfred Graham; GB (see also USA)    (GB)  
alternative name:
Graham Amplion GB
Abbreviation: amplion
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Amplion, Alfred Graham & Co.; GB (see also USA). Known as a manufacturer of horn loudspeakers, and at least 101 models of 'Algraphone' gramophones. Sold Metrovic valves during 1926/27 which are direct equivalents of Cosmos types. The company name was changed to Graham Amplion in 1927.

E. Alfred Grahams 'The Algraphone Salon' in 82, High Street, Clapham, London S.W.4, was also 'Service depot for the World's Standard Amplion wireless loud speaker'.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  23 Dragon AR19   petal oak horn, also available in mahogany or metal(?) There is also a model, specially m... 
GB  24 Dragonfly AR102   2000 ohms; there is also the 120 ohm model AR 101. This model was sold in France as Lib... 
GB  30 Two Valve All-Mains 354V  Metal Rectifier This model is also listed as the "Amplion AC 2". 
GB  31 AC Six 6 S4VB  first receiver to use a variable-mu screen-grid valve; local/distance switch. 
GB  32 Amplion Table Model   Metal rectifier. 
GB  39 Alternative   Red crackle paint. Also battery only version ADP2 (1946). 
GB  46 ADP2 [3Q5] 1A7GT  Red crackle paint. Frame aerial consists of a MW winding plus a loading coil for LW. Frame... 
GB  47 Delegate HU610 12K8GT  Uses a Barretter which can be shorted out for 110V with a switch. Some models have "Emsto... 
GB  24 Junior AR39   Amplion Junior AR-39. Impedance 2000 ohms. This model was sold in France as Amplionette... 
GB  23–26 Concert Dragon Horn AR35   10-petal oak horn, impedance 500 or 2000 ohms switchable, AR35 reproducer was also sold fo... 
GB  25 New Junior de luxe AR 114   oak or mahogany trumpet; 2000 ohms; there is also the 120 ohm model AR 113. 
GB  24/25 Dragonfly AR 101   120 ohms; there is also the 2000 ohm model AR 102. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

record sleevetbn_amplion_graham.jpg
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1927 adtbn_gb_amplion_cabinetcone_ac12_patricianaa18_dragonar19_adv.jpg
Amplion - Italian advertisement from local distributor (Società Radio-Telefonica Italiana)tbn_gb_amplion_italian_ad.jpg
Werbung in der Wochenschrift des Funkwesens, Heft 50, 1928, Seite 7tbn_gb_amplion_werbung_1928.jpg
Werbung für Amplion-Lautsprecher 1926 in Deutschlandtbn_d_amplion_lautsprecher_frankfurt_werb_1926.jpg