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History of the manufacturer  


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Name: Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: GB    (GB)  
Abbreviation: unknown
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

If you dont know the maker please use UNKNOWN (not Custom built) as a "maker".

If it is surely a homebrew set, please distinguish between HB-contempary for sets done in their times and HOMEBREW - New but not Replica and HOMEBREW-REPLIKA.

Please look up the possible models to load up your picture. Give all details about the set you have - there might be someone who can tell you more about your set. Your name is shown automatically - to members only.

Select the right "model" for loading up pictures - or create a new model for your pictures and data.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  23 The Macryst Wireless Outfit   Kit set on a display board 13 x 17". Wireless variometer machine. By Maxwell, Lov... 
GB  29 Jupiter PM1   
GB  23 Headphone / Crystal Set   Headphones with built in Crystal Receiver; BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.4245; 
GB  24 Bligh 4-valve receiver   Comprises two units: Bligh Radio/2MkV tuner(GPO No.2176) andBligh Audio/2 MkVII amplifier... 
GB  24 Bligh Radio/2 MkV   BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.2176; wave change by plug-in tuning and reaction coils; only known (... 
GB  24 Bligh Audio/2 MkVII   BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.4410; only known in cannaction with the Bligh Radio/2 Mk V tuner as ... 
GB  24 Bijou Radio Card   Post Card, printed in Germany . See also "Radio-Karte" (Germany). no BBC ... 
GB  56/57 Mark (Mk.) 123 EF72  Spy or Diplomatic Transceiver with 2.5 to 20 MHz in three ranges for CW only. Works with M... 
GB  54 Ambassador Viscount unknown_Tube  Ambassador Viscount is an 8-bander that tunes all the way up to 23 Mhz. 
GB  33 Unknown 57   
GB  40 Training Sets W.T.MK.3 unknown_Tube  Training unit for CW education, built-in oscillator and atmosphere producer with buzzer fo... 
GB  48 Unknown (Kit Radio) 713A  This kit radio has the same case as the Pilot "Little Meastro" which was used by several k...