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Standard Radio Corp. (SR), Tokyo

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Name: Standard Radio Corp. (SR), Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: standard
Products: Model types

Standard Radio Corporation, Ltd., 3622 Kamitsuruma, Sagamihara-Shi, Tokyo, Japan;
formerly: Nippon Kogata Musen Lab. Tokyo.
"Micronic Ruby"

Info Jean Claude Pigeon: (SR) Standard Radio Co., Ltd, Tokyo in 1955. From about 1960: Standard Radio Corporation: No. 11, 1-Chome, Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo. About 1964 Standard opened a subsidiary as «Waltham Standard, Dublin (Irland)». Standard Radio Corp. later has been bought by Marantz. There are other Standard Radio companies in the world which have nothing to do with this Standard Radio Company from Japan. In France, "Waltham Standard Supertone - 3 avenue de l'Opéra Paris" was the distributor in 1960.

Founded: 1953

The Standard Radio Corporation was established in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan in 1953 when they began manufacturing portable tube radios. In 1957 they manufactured their first transistor radio, the ultra rare SR-F31. In 1959 a new factory was built in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan and this became the company's headquarters. Some papers from around 1962 (SR-H25) show the address "No. 11, 1-Chome Ebisu-Minami Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. In 1965 Standard released the first of its very successful line of Micronic Ruby miniature radios. In March of 1975, Standard Radio Corporation changed its name to Marantz Japan, Inc.

A partir de 1980 opera en USA como Standard Communications Corp. P.O. Box 92151 Los Angeles, CA 90009 Tel: (310) 532-5300 Fax: (310) 715-3890 En la decada de 2000-2010 se une a Yaesu y Vertex y forman el grupo Vertex-Standard. En 2010 fueron comprados por Motorola.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
65 Astroline SR-T112E   Power source 6 V DC (4 x 1,5 size C) - 230 V 50/60 Hz / 8 W Jack for external spea... 
60 4 Band 10 Transistor SR-J862FL   controllo volume - sintonia fine - maniglia di trasporto - antenna telescopica esterna - p... 
63 FM-AM 3 Band 10 Transistor SR-J800F   CD marks 
70 Viking FM/AM 3 Band 10 Transistor S6TRU83 (Japan 703)   Made in Japan 703 
65 Transistor 8 SR-H170    
59 2 Band Transistor 7 SR-G200 HJ70  The MW and SW wave bands cover the following range: 540-1600 KC (MW) 3,9-12 MC (SW... 
61 All Wave Transistor 8 TR-8 SR-H105 MC101  A small portable 8 transistor radio covering MW (540-1600kHz) and 2 x SW Bands  ... 
68 Cassette FM/AM SR-T184F (Japan 703)   Anschlüsse: Ext. Amp, Radio, Mic., R.C. (Start-Stop Schalter z.B. vom Mikrofon), DC ... 
66 Standard RF-950E (Japan 703)   Wellenbereiche: VHF 108-139 MHz FM 88-108 MHz MW 530-1605 kHz LW 150-370 kHz Ansc... 
68 8 Transistor SR-H 740   MW 530-1600 kHz KW-SW 4-12 MHz 
94 UHF Repeater - Repetidor RP-80U F1, F3   Standard Radio RP-80U UHF Repeater. 100 channels selectable. 40W RF output power. 25 kHz ... 
94 VHF Repeater - Repetidor RP-80V F1, F3, F5   Standard Radio RP-80V VHF Repeater. 100 channels selectable. 50W RF output power. 25 kHz ... 


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Publicité de WYDER SA (Gettingen) CH, pour l'usine Standard Radio Corp Japan, idéalisée ! 1964tbn_j_1964_standard_radio_corp_factory_pub.jpg
Thanks for Mr.Tóth Ferenc, Hungary, Pomáz and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation.tbn_j_standard_brandlogo_1971.jpg
Thanks for Mr.Tóth Ferenc, Hungary, Pomáz and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation.tbn_j_standard_brandbrief_1971.jpg
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