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History of the manufacturer  

Herofon (Herophon), Hede Nielsens Fabriker; Horsens

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Name: Herofon (Herophon), Hede Nielsens Fabriker; Horsens    (DK)  
alternative name:
Hede Nielsen's Fabrikker A/S
Abbreviation: herofon
Products: Model types Others

Hede Nielsens Fabriker A/S

Brands: Herophon, later Herofon

Around 1928 the company started producing Herophon radios, around 1934 the spelling was changed to Herofon.

Hede Nielsen was a front runner in the production of radio and TV in DK. In parallel Hede Nielsens continued to produce bycicles, industrial gasses (oxygen etc.) and tubes for transport of water and heat.


Hede Nielsens Fabriker produced Herofon radios from 1928 to appr. 1960.

From 1955 on they made Arena radio and TV products.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
DK  45 630AC 6K8   
DK  52/53 Bambino EG [bakelite] UCH81  Lautsprecher 4 Ohm 
DK  58 Petite FM-FA UCC85  FB: range 75 to 190 meters for maritime services (fishery band). Printed circuit board.  
DK  56 Petite 56 FM [AC]   KW(FB): Nur 1,6-4MHz für Seefunk. Ferritantenne drehbar. 
DK  59 Record FM-FO-2 UCC85  Super Sonic. 4 push buttons for speaker selection. Printed circuit board. 
DK  52/53 Bambino EG [wood] UCH81  Lautsprecher 4 Ohm. 
DK  39/40 950U 20D2   
DK  48 PB51 1R5  Frame aerial. Antena de cuadro, incorporada y extensible. 
DK  58 Record FM-FO-2-RG UCC85   
DK  59 EJ 1721 RG Serie A-58 UCC85   
DK  58 FO-1721-RG UCC85   
DK  58 FO-1717-RG UCC85   


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