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History of the manufacturer  

Philips USA

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Name: Philips USA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: philips

Philips; USA: A company of Philips in The Netherlands. The code for the USA was AN and VN. During WW2 Philips USA exported radios also to Portugal where Philips Portugal commercialized them and printed schematics for them in Portugues.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  41 808BNH 1R5  SW1 2...6 MHz, SW2 6...18 MHz. Built-in frame antenna for BC (MW). Caution: Two ... 
USA  46 660VN 6SA7  Vibrator G9.162.14 
USA  46 663VN 6SA7  6 Bänder, also wahrscheinlich 4 x KW. 
USA  46 389AN 6SG7   
USA  41 737VN    
USA  41 513AN 12SK7  Philips model 513AN was manufactured in the USA shortly after the beginning of WW 2 and ha... 
USA  47 794AN 12SA7  This model was made in USA and no reference has been found. 
USA  42 697VN 6SG7  This radio was manufactured for tropical zones - running on a 6 volt accumulator (car batt... 
USA  41 498AN 6SK7  Exported model sold in Portugal by Philips Portuguesa 
USA  45 493AN 12SK7  Exported model sold in Portugal by Philips Portuguesa 
USA  46 814 HN 12SA7   
USA  46 814AN 12SA7  Autotransformer for B branch.