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History of the manufacturer  

Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: Taiwan (RC)

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Name: Unknown - CUSTOM BUILT: Taiwan (RC)    (TW)  
Abbreviation: unknown
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Unknown manufacturer from Taiwan, Republic of China (RC).
Please do not mix up with China, People Republic China (PRC) and Honk Kong (HK)!


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
TW  68 SANIO Cassette Tape Recorder with AM Radio   Integrated micro. Double Track single channel. Frequency response: 150-8000 Hz. Radio OM:... 
TW  92 Antenna Positioner Motor Supermount HB HH Mount Driver SMRT-32S   Motordrehvorrichtung für SAT-Empfangsspiegel vorgesehen für Mastbefestigung, gesteuert vom... 
TW  76 Stereo Cassette Player 2SB439  Microphone input, audio input L+R Speaker output L+R, headphone jack Remote cont... 
TW  64 Viscount 14 Transistor    
TW  60 Viscount Mini Micro 8 899   Viscount 899 Mini Micro 8; earphone jack, made in Taiwan. Not to be mistaken for the Japan... 
TW  84 Coca-Cola CLASSIC   Höhe 117 mm , Durchmesser 70 mm , Mod. Original Formula. Radio in Form einer Coca-Cola Dos... 
TW  85 Radiotone 8223-1DL   Radiotone 8223-1DL; 4 Wellen Stereo Cassetten Recorder. 
TW  87–92 Triasun PT-004 A   FM: OIRT & CCIR. 1 IC. 
TW  80 Gran Prix AM-5   Gran Prix AM-5; Country of origin unproven! 
TW  85 Proufo AM/FM Radio Cassette   Proufo, UFO Radio; Radio designed as UFO with transparent dome with visible chassis, L + R... 
TW  78 Hellas 7060   2-Spur Mono-Gerät, Frequenzbereich 200 bis 6000 Hz, Ohrhörerbuchse, Buchse für Überspielka... 
TW  70 Naco NA200L   Naco NA200L, AM-FM with AFC Solid State 20; Earphones jack, country of origin unknown.