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History of the manufacturer  

Shure; Chicago, Evanston, Niles (IL)

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Name: Shure; Chicago, Evanston, Niles (IL)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: shure
Products: Model types Others

1925 - 1928 : The Shure Radio Company

1928 - 1999 : Shure Brothers Incorporated

1999 -         : Shure Incorporated

Headquarters :

1925 - 1928 : 19 South Wells Street, Chicago, IL

1928 - 1956 : 335 West Madison Street, Chicago, IL

1956 - 2003 : 222 Hartrey Ave., Evanston, IL

2003 -         : 5800 West Touhy Ave., Niles, IL

Founded: 1925
Production: 1925 -

1925 Sidney N. Shure founded "The Shure Radio Company" in Chicago - for radio parts wholesale.
1928 Shure has 75 employees.
1932 Shure introduces a two-button carbon microphone and
1933 introduces its condenser microphone as Model 400.
1937 Shure begins to manufacture also phonograph cartridges.
1939 Shure introduces the first single-element unidirectional microphone, called Unidyne 1.
1941 comes the throut microphone for the U.S. armed forces.
1952 Shure introduces the first wireless microphone for performers called Vagabond.
1956 Shure moves from Chicago to Evanston, IL.
1958 is the birth year of the first M3D phonograph cartridge for Hi-Fi stereo sound.
2003 Shure moves from Evanston to Niles, IL.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  64–88 444   Professional Hi-Z magnetic desktop microphone for VOX- and PTT-operation. Adjustable heigt... 
USA  30 33    
USA  38 Military-Type Hand    
USA  35 70H   diaphragm actuated crystal element 
USA  38 70HP    
USA  38 70H [Demountable Model]    
USA  38 702A    
USA  38 701A    
USA  38 700A    
USA  56–60 CR-80D   "controlled reluctance" microphone. 
USA  58 CR-81   "Controlled reluctance" microphone. Shure statement from 06/03/2001: ... 
USA  56–60 CR-80E   "controlled reluctance" microphone. 


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