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Technics (brand)

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Name: Technics (brand)    (J)  
Abbreviation: technics
Products: Model types

Technics is a brand of Matsushita (like National and Panasonic).


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
82 Space Dimension Controller SH-8040   Technics Space Dimension Controller SH-8040 is a effect unit for electronic room acoust... 
86 Compact Disc Player SL-P100    
90 Stereo Double Cassette Deck RS-X933   Midi sized Double Cassette Deck, Dolby B & C Stereo NR-Equipped. Versions/Power req... 
85 Stereo Cassette Deck RS-B10   Technics Stereo Cassette Deck RS-B10, 3-way tape selector, Dolby-B NR-system, two micropho... 
82/83 Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-Z22 2SC2320  Stereo amplifier, 2 x 35 W. Different versions: SU-Z22 (E), (EG), (EK), (EF), (EH), ... 
78–85 Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-7100 2SC1384  Stereo Integrated Amplifier with 35 WRMS per channel into 8 Ω. Class of Operation AB. P... 
77–81 FM Stereo Tuner ST-9030   A hi-fi FM stereo tuner with an analogue dial housed in a black metal case with rack fttin... 
77–80 SL-1410MK2   Direktantrieb, Quarzgesteuerter, phasenstarrer Gleichstrommotor, Halbautomat, 33/45 UpM, D... 
75 Stereo Amplifier SU-7700K   Stereo-Verstärker, 5 Eingänge, 4 LS-Ausgänge. 
80–82 SL-Q33 K-XG   Direktantrieb, Quarzgesteuert, Halbautomat, 33/45 UpM, Drehzahlfeinregelung, Anti-Skating.... 
77/78 RS-646DS   Reportergerät mit Monitor. Stereo-Aufnahme und Wiedergabe. 2 Head Design, Dolby B, 50 - 14... 
80/81 RS-M14   Frontloading 2 Head Stereo Cassette Deck with Dolby B and Metal Tape Capability.Fluorescen... 


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