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History of the manufacturer  

Radio City Products Company, Inc.(RCP); New York

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Name: Radio City Products Company, Inc.(RCP); New York    (USA)  
Abbreviation: radiocity
Products: Model types Others

Radio City Products, Inc., 127 West 26th Street, New York 1, N. Y.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  50 804 Tubetester    
USA  38 306 Tube Tester   Dependable model, tube tester, resistance and condenser analyzer. 
USA  38 306C Tube Tester   Assembled and wired complete. 
USA  38 306P Portable Tube Tester   Portable model complete wired. 
USA  38 306KC Kit Tube Tester   Complete Kit of parts, counter model (similar to model 306C). 
USA  38 410 Master Tester 6H6   
USA  38 4153 Master Analyzer 6H6   
USA  56 8873A Servishop   Tube tester, VTVM and FM-AM signal generator. 
USA  56 8020 FM-TV Servishop   Signal generator, midgetscope, tube tester-VTVM in a single case. 
USA  56 808AA Tube Tester-VTVM   Tube tester, and a CRT tester-reactivator, plus a VTVM. 
USA  56 324P   The Tube Tester 324P has a 4.5" meter, CRT check. The Allied Radio Catalog Nº 150, 1956 sh... 
USA  56 706A Wide-Range Signal Generator 6BA6  Covers 150 kc to 220 mc in 8 ranges. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1939 page 73.tbn_rr_february1939_ad_rcp_p73.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing March 1939 page 60.tbn_rr_march1939_ad_radiocity_p60.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1939 page 70.tbn_rr_may1939_ad_radiocity_p70.jpg