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History of the manufacturer  

Advance Instruments; Hainault Essex

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Name: Advance Instruments; Hainault Essex    (GB)  
alternative name:
Advance Components Ltd.
Abbreviation: advance-in
Products: Model types Others

Advance Instruments; Hainault, Essex, England. This is Division of Advance Electronics Limited.

The company was started by A.W. Stapleton in his garden shed. Advance Components Ltd. was formed on 24th March 1932, initially producing radio components, RF chokes, and small sub assemblies, and soon entered the field of electronic test equipment. In 1956 it moved from Walthamstow to larger premises in Hainault, Essex, and the company went public. The name was changed to Advance Electronics in 1964, and about 1968 it moved to a new factory in Bishops Stortford, and a factory was also opened in Wrexham to manufacture capacitors.
The main activities were the manufacture of test equipment, metallised film capacitors, power supplies, constant-voltage transformers. They were one of the leaders in designing counting and control equipment for industry including digital voltmeters.
In 1968 they had distributors in 34 countries. In about 1973 they were bought by Gould of the USA and continued to trade as Gould Advance Ltd.

This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Steffen.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  70 OS-240   10 MHz Oscilloscope 
GB  70–75 15 MHz Time Counter TC12A   Professionell counter for time, pulse & frequency, internal xtal time base 100 kHz. Extern... 
GB  58 Wide Band Signal Generator 62 12AT7  A wide band signal generator which provides RF signals over the frequency range 150 kHz to... 
GB  65 AF-Generator H-I (H1) 6SN7GT  AF Generator, range 15 Hz to 50 kHz, sinus or square signal output. 
GB  51 RF Signal Generator E2 ECC91  RF signal generator covers 100 kHz to 100 MHz in six ranges, internal or external AF modul... 
GB  53 Audio Signal Generator J-1A 6SN7GT  AF Generator, covers 15 Hz to 50 kHz in three ranges. 
GB  55 L.F. Signal Generator J-2 6V6GT  AF-Generator 15 to 50000 Hz in 3 ranges, 5 and 600 Ohm output. 
GB  65 Digital Voltmeter DVM1   One of the earliest transistorised dual polarity AC/DC DVMs. 3+ digits 1999 full scale.4 r... 
GB  67 Counter TC7   The TC7 is a low-cost 4 digit timer and counter for frequencies between 10 Hz and 2 MHz. S... 
GB  67 Oscilloscope OS25   127 mm Dual Beam 0 - 5 MHz Oscilloscope. 100 mV to 50 V/cm sensitivity in 9 ranges. 3-kV-P... 
GB  52 RF Signal generator B4A ECC91  The Advance B4A is a AM/CW RF signal generator, which covers frequencies from 100 kHz to 8... 
GB  65 Q Meter T.2.A. EAA91  Measure frequency 100 kHz to 100 MHz in six ranges. Q-ranges 10-100 and 40-400. 


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