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History of the manufacturer  

Kauno Radijo Gamykla (KRG), Kaunas

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Name: Kauno Radijo Gamykla (KRG), Kaunas    (LT)  
alternative name:
Banga - Lithuania TV sets industrial union
Abbreviation: kauno
1956-1973 produzierte Röhrenradios: 'Majak', 'Daina', 'Neringa', 'Vaiva', 'Minija', 'Lietuva'. In 1973 wurde "Banga" umgenannt und produzierte TV-Geräte: 'Silelis' und 'Banga'.

Adress - Žemaičių  street  31,  Kaunas, Lithuania

Company name in English - "KAUNAS RADIO WORKS".

Some from  history >

Founded: 1953
Closed: 1995
Production: 1956 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Sigitas Zilionis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
LT  85 Shiljalis 405 DE 16ЛК1Б  Black- and white-reception in the VHF and UHF bands. 
LT  59–62 Nida [tube] 6Н3П  Same as  KRG radio  model  Neringa, one different - record p... 
LT  80 Shiljalis 402D-1E 16ЛК1Б  Tensione EHT 9Kv See also 402D-1E from Kauno Radijo Gamykla (KRG), Kaunas. 
LT  94 Banga 32TS-402D 32ЛК2Ц  Color TV, screen diagonal 32 cm. Reception in the VHF and UHF bands. 
LT  85 Silelis (Shiljalis) (Щилялис) 42TC-401D (42TЦ-401Д)   Color TV, screen diagonal 42 cm. VHF/UHF. 8 fixed channels. Cable remote control only for ... 
LT  77 Silelis (Shiljalis) (Щилялис) 402D-2 (402Д-2) 16ЛК1Б  Picture size 92 x 116 mm, 16 cm diagonal. Designed for b/w reception in the VHF and UHF ba... 
LT  76 Rigonda Fiesta   UHF 21 to 68. Screen: 160 mm. Speaker: 80×63 mm. 
LT  80 Silelis (Shiljalis) 402D-1E 16ЛК1Б  Small black/white television VHF/UHF.Picture size 92 x 116 mm. Cord for connection to car... 
LT  93 Banga 34TB-404-1 (D/K) 34ЛК1Б  34 cm screen diagonal. Designed for b/w-reception in the VHF and UHF bands. Remote control. 
LT  61 Vaiva [6e5s] 6Н3П  First schemat variant. Tape-recorder block "Elfa-17", produced in ELFA Elektrotechnical W... 
LT  84 Silelis (Shiljalis) (Шилялис) S-440D (С-440Д)   Color TV, screen diagonal 32 cm (picture 184×247 mm). Reception in the VHF and UHF bands. ... 
LT  66 Minija [without tape recorder] 6Н3П  All radio sets Minija, from Kaunas Radio Works(LT), produced with buil-in tape recorder de... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Kaunas Radio Works tag down on tube radio "Majak" case in 1957.tbn_lt_krg_1953_tagonset.jpg
Kaunas Radio Works - Kaunas, Lithuaniatbn_lt_krg_1953_plant.jpg
Kaunas Radio Works in 1993 renamed as Union Bangatbn_lt_kauno_logo.jpg