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History of the manufacturer  

Philips do Brasil S.A.

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Name: Philips do Brasil S.A.    (BR)  
Abbreviation: philips
Philips has been founded in July 28, 1924 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1948 Philips starts producing ilumination products in a new factory in São Paulo. Yet, in 1950, Philips starts producing radio sets in this factory, and in 1951, its headquarters was transfered from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo, where it is still the main office in Brazil.

Brands under Philips umbrella in Brazil, that has to do with radio/telecommunications: Ibrape, Constanta and Inbelsa

Founded: 1924
Production: 1948 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Carlos Lazarini.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BR  53 BR217U UCH42  One piece lower front slide rule dial and upper vertical grill bars. Lower left on/off/vol... 
BR  50 BR397A ECH21  Left round grill with horizontal bars and cloth on the back, right square airplane dial, 2... 
BR  56 BR246-U HCH81  Two versions: ../01 (110V, 27W) and ../24 (220V, 42W).Ranges: AM 517 - 1622 kHz, SW 4.8 - ... 
BR  55 BR428A ECH81   
BR  80 Caixa acústica 06AH486 /00   Loudspeaker box, 30 Watts rms power handling with attenuators (3dB, 6 dB and 9dB) 
BR  80 Rádio Relógio 06AS330 BF494  Set produced by Philips in Brazil, Manaus factory 
BR  80 Caixa acústica 06AH487 BC337  Hi Fi speaker box, bass reflex type, 3 way system Power handling capacity 50 Watts rm... 
BR  75 Eletrofone 06GF523 /00E /00L BC548  Portable record player 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm Tone control Detachable speaker box... 
BR  70 Eletrofone 06AF100 /01 BC558   
BR  82 Rádio Portátil 06AL029 /00 BF484   
BR  80 Sintonizador Amplificador 06AH795/00 BF494  Stereo tuner amplifier (receiver) AM FM and 2 SW,  Output power 2x 6 Watts rms ... 
BR  75 Rádio Portátil 06AL070 BF494  Two band portable radio FM and MW bands Telescopic aerial 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Philips tube factory in Brazil started opperation on 1955 July 15tbn_br_philips_1955_tubefactory1.jpg
Advertising of Brazilian produced tubes by Ibrape (Philips) 1955tbn_br_philips_1955_advertising.jpg
Philips do Brasil Audio factory in Piracicaba city, Sao Paulotbn_br_philips_1977_audiofactory.jpg
Philips do Brasil TV factory 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_tvfactory1.jpg
Philips do Brasil TV factory 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_tvfactory2.jpg
Philips do Brasil TV factory 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_tvfactory3.jpg
Partial view from inside the factory of Philips Audio products in Piracicabatbn_br_philips_1977_audiofacotry.jpg
Capacitors made in Brazil by Philips Ibrape in 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_micac1.jpg
Capacitors made in Brazil by Philips Ibrape in 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_micac2.jpg
Capacitors made in Brazil by Philips Ibrape in 1954tbn_br_philips_1954_micac3.jpg
Constanta was a division of Philips do Brasil that locally produced resistors, ferrites, magnets and others passive components. Advertising from 1956tbn_br_philips_1956_constanta1.jpg
Passive components made in Brazil by Philips Constantatbn_br_philips_1965_constanta3.jpg
Passive components made in Brazil by Philips Constantatbn_br_philips_1974_constanta4.jpg
Audio Factory in Manaustbn_br_philips_2000_audiofactory.jpg
Part of Philips TV factory in Manaustbn_br_philips_2000_tvfactorymanaus.jpg
Partial view of audio Philips factory in Piracicaba city (São Paulo), around 1980tbn_br_philips_piracicaba_1980.jpg
Ancient Philips factory of audio products in Piracicaba city. Currently Delphi Automotive is located in this planttbn_br_exphilips_factory.jpg
Ancient Philips TV factory in Guarulhos city / São Paulotbn_br_philips_tvfactory_gia.jpg
Restaurant of Philips factory in Piracicaba city in the 80stbn_br_exphilips_1980_rest.jpg
Philips do Brasil booth at São Paulo Trade Fair in 1955tbn_br_philips_showroom_1955_event.jpg
Philips do Brazil Lamp factory in Capuava (inaugurated in 1954)tbn_br_philips_lampfactory_capuava.jpg
Philips do Brasil - TV factory in Guarulhos, São Paulo, 1963tbn_br_philips_tvfactory_1963.jpg