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Clarodyne; USA

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Name: Clarodyne; USA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: clarodyne
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We only know some radio models called Clarodyne. We don't know anything about the company - only that it has been mentioned in connexion to Bell. Does anybody know more about Clarodyne? Is Clarodyne Radio perhaps just a brand of Bell or is Clarodyne just the name of some similar radios from around mid 20s?

The name plate of a wooden horn loudspeaker does indicate that Clarodyne is at least a brand name for loudspeakers.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  24 Clarodyne New   The plate shows only "NEW Clarodyne" where "NEW" is above of the brand Clarodyne. The insi... 
USA  24 Clarodyne Horn Speaker   The loudspeaker shows as brand "Clarodyne" - but no signs for model indication. The small ... 
USA  24 Clarodyne 5 knobs   The plate shows only "Clarodyne". This model shows three main knobs and below two smaller ... 
USA  25 Low Loss Receiver 201A   


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Clarodyne; USA
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Clarodyne Radios
Robin Roeckers

Here is a photo of a 1920s Clarodyne Radio sign recently purchased from the Indiana Historic Radio Museum by eBay seller radios10467.  He has allowed me to use any of his pictures.

I know it doesn't difinitively prove - one way or the other - that Clarodyne was a manufacturer but it does show their trademark.

I believe the Indiana Historic Radio Museum is at this site:




Clarodyne; USA
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