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History of the manufacturer  

ELFA Elektrotechnical Works, Vilnius

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Name: ELFA Elektrotechnical Works, Vilnius    (LT)  
alternative name:
Vilnius Electrotechnical Works
Abbreviation: elfa
Products: Model types

ELFA Elektrotechnical Works, Vilnius

Founded: 1940
Production: 1948 - 1990

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
LT  61 Aidas 19   Presumably predecessor model of "Gintaras", but production was interrupted caused by faile... 
LT  48 MP-1 - МП-1   33/78 rpm turntable for "building in" only. 
LT  58 Antenna Indoor   Decorative Radio indoor antenna (loop) – as paper wall kalendar holder. 
LT  55 Elfa UP-4   This record-player produced on carton(paper) body. But intended for buil-in(on) any radio ... 
LT  55 Elfa 6 6Н9С  Tape recorder and record player based on one motor. Record head block and tape reels are r... 
LT  57 Elfa UP-2M 6Ц5С  Piezoelectric tone-arm, 33 1/3 and 78 rpm, autostop. 
LT  84 Elfa 201-2s (201-2 stereo) ("201-2c")   two tape speeds: 19,05 cm/sek (4x45 min. mono, 2x45min. stereo), 9,53 cm/sek (4x90 min. mo... 
LT  56 Elfa   Electromagnetic tone-arm, 33 1/3 and 78 rpm. 
LT  90 Elfa M300 stereo    
LT  90 Elfa 300 stereo   Cassette tape recorder with auto search system. 
LT  91 Elfa MD320 stereo ("MD-320C")   Double cassette recorder with autoreverse. Produced in "VILMA Lithuanian Governmental devi... 
LT  92 Elfa RCTR234   Radio cassette special recorder with FM radio 65-74 Mhz. Sequential controllable record sp... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Logo ELFA Elektrotechnical Works, Vilnius , Lithuaniatbn_elfalogo.jpg
ELFA manufakturer logo on tape recorders "Elfa" about 1977 - 1987tbn_lt_elfa_1945.jpg
ELFA Elektrotechnical Works, Vilnius , 1970.tbn_lt_elfa_1945_building.jpg
Tape recorder "Daina" manufacture production process.tbn_lt_elfa_1945_trdaina_line.jpg
one of logo..tbn_lt_elfa_1945_logovariant.jpg