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History of the manufacturer  

MEMZA Electromechanical Works (ex VTU), Moscow

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Name: MEMZA Electromechanical Works (ex VTU), Moscow    (SU)  
Abbreviation: memza-vtu
Products: Model types Others

Moscow Electromechanical Works (MEMZA) was one of the members of the Trust for Precise Mechanics. The main direction in that Trust was clock and watch production, so radio receivers have been strangers in that Trust. But MEMZA was probably also VTU. After 1940 when Soviet government decided to develop clock and watch industry, MEMZA has ceased its operations.

Founded: 1925
Closed: 1964

Moscow Electromechanical Works (MEMZA) and VTU:

Moscow VTU Electromechanical Works operated in the same time period as "MEMZA Electromechanical Works" and occupied premises at the very same street address (Leningradskoe Chausse, 16). Yet as "VTU" stands for "Militaly Technical Dept.", it should have military subordination and was most likely not under control of the Trust for Precise Mechanics (Clocks and Watches) where MEMZA used to belong.

Nevertheless after Soviet Government decided to make emphasize on Clock and Watch industry, both MEMZA and VTU seem to have ceased their operations because after 1930 and till nowadays, there was "The 2nd State-owned Clock and Watch Works" located at that street address. Nobody heard of any radio plants in that area in the last 80 years...

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  61 Âuza - Яуза 5 6Г1  Содержит два эллиптических громкоговорителя 1 гд-9. Модель неоднократно модернизировалась,... 
SU  56 Âuza - Яуза 6Ж8  Plattenspieler 78/33 Upm. Tonband 1/2" Spur 19,5 / 8,13 cm/s. Röhrengerät, Magisches Auge.... 
SU  26 Radioliubitel   Coverage 160-1560 m band in four ranges. 
SU  36 SI-646 {СИ-646} СО-183  Coverage MW(200-550m), LW(714-2000m, SW(19-50m). Used silent tuning optoscope. Experiment... 
SU  28 TL-4 {ТЛ-4} МИКРО  Coverage 350-1700 m band in four ranges. Popular this radio set name in Russia - "Kolhozn... 
SU  64 Âuza - Яуза 20   Tape speed: 9,53 and 4,76 cm/sec. Ext. power adaptor ~127;220/DC12 V. 
SU  27 DL-3 - ДЛ-3 МИКРО  Coverage 250-1750 meters in 4 ranges. Set may used as simple crystal radio too. 
SU  27 DV-3 {ДВ-3}   Coverage 350-1750 m. Set-in crystal detector. 
SU  28 DV-4 {ДВ-4}   Coverage 300-1800 m. Plug-in crystal detector. 
SU  29 DV-5 {ДВ-5}   Coverage 300-2000 m. Crystal detector type DS-4 built in. 
SU  28 PL-1 {ПЛ-1} МИКРО  Coverage 270-1800 meters in 4 ranges.Set may used as simple crystal radio too. Schematic ... 
SU  28 PL-2 {ПЛ-2} МИКРО  Coverage 270-1800 meters in 4 ranges.Set may used as simple crystal radio too.Two tube var... 


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