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History of the manufacturer  

Skantic Radio AB, Stockholm

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Name: Skantic Radio AB, Stockholm    (S)  
alternative name:
Skandinaviska Radio AB
Abbreviation: skantic

The company was started as "Skandinaviska Radio AB" ca 1934. First selling imported Philco radios but soon manufacturing their own. Due to financial troble it was bought by Luxor radio, Motala in 1945. The name was changed to Skantic radio AB ca 1953. From the late forties Skantic radios are Luxor products in different cabinets.

Both "Skandinaviska Radio AB; Sweden" and "Skantic Radio AB, Stockholm" are the same company at different times. The name was changed from the first to the later one in ca 1953. To prevent Scantic radios from beeing posted under both names we changed "Skandinaviska Radio AB; Sweden" to a code 9 company and continue Skantic only under "Skantic Radio AB, Stockholm". "Skandinaviska Radio AB; Sweden" and "Skantic Radio AB, Stockholm" did only import their radios under a few years and it is, to the best of our knowledge, not confirmed that they actually rebranded the Philcos they sold.

This manufacturer was suggested by Herbert Odermatt † 26.Nov.05.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
60–64 Isabella ECC85  2 Oval-LS und 1 Hochtöner in Front, 2 LS (rund) seitlich. Ferritantenne drehbar mit Knopf ... 
50 Unknown DK21   
53 SkanticRadio S41M 6X4  Two band radio set with metal wire recorder. Also can used as 78 RPM phonograph. Magnetoel... 
79 Tenor HiFi-TV 6786   Skantic Tenor HiFi-TV, 6786; 26" in-line CRT PAL color TV with electronic CCIR B/G VHF-/UH... 
79 Aristokrat 6663   Skantic Aristokrat, 6663; 26" in-line CRT PAL color TV with electronic CCIR B/G VHF-/UHF t... 
79 Scenerie 6781   Skantic Scenerie, 6781; 26" in-line CRT PAL color TV with electronic CCIR B/G VHF-/UHF tun... 
79 9188   Skantic 9188; Stereo with "wide" function, 2 x 3.5 W, tape counter, built-in mics., headph... 
79 9183   Skantic 9183; 
79 Professional Hi-Fi Stereo Amp. 7082-A   Skantic professional HiFi Stereo Integrated Amplifier 7082-A;2 x 70 W, 2 x VU meter. 
79 Professional Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner 7082-T   Skantic professional Hi-Fi Stereo Tuner 7082-T;Tuning & signal meter, 5 FM presets. 
79 Professional 3082 (R)   Skantic professional Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver 3082 (R);Tuning & signal meter, 5 F... 
79 Caruso HiFi-TV 6784   Skantic Caruso HiFi-TV, 6784; 26" in-line CRT PAL color TV with electronic CCIR B/G VHF-/U...