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History of the manufacturer  

Novosibirsk Elektrosignal Radio Works

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Name: Novosibirsk Elektrosignal Radio Works    (SU)  
Abbreviation: novosib

"Novosibirsk Elektrosignal Radio Works" was started in October, 1941, when most part of "Voronezh Elektrosignal Works" was relocated from the city of Voronezh which was under threat of German Wehrmacht occupation. Starting from scratch, the new factory managed to send its first radios to the Red Army in December, 1941. Later "Novosibirsk Elektrosignal Radio Works" has become one of the main radio suppliers for Soviet infantry, artillery and air force. The most famous of its tactical radios was RB-M which first arrived in 1942.

In May, 1945, the factory added home entertainment radios to its military models. There were 6N-25 and 7N-27 desktop radios produced along with "Vostok", "Chaika" and "Arfa" radios with record players. In 1964, first TV sets of "Izumrud" line have arrived which were in production till 1998.

Founded: 1941

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  53–62 Oktava - Октава   Loudspeaker for cable radio broadcasting. Most popular in SU in 1960-1980. Cable radio ... 
SU  88 Souvenir Radio with Lamp СН-25П / CN-25P   Dimension: 83 × 43 × 144 mm + Lamp. 
SU  59 Rekord {Рекорд} 59 6И1П  Coverage MW,LW,SW 25-75 m., 33/45/78 rpm/sec turntable. First noval tubes radio set from t... 
SU  63 Fakel {Факел} M {М} 6Н3П  FM 65,8-73 MHz 
SU  62 Fakel {Факел} 6Н3П  FM 65,8-73 MHz 
SU  99 Dublette zu ID = 91205 6А8  6Н25 In russischer Schrift geschrieben. LW, MW, SW1 (31,7-24,8 m), SW2 (19,9-16,8 m). 
SU  48 Vostok {Восток} R-48 {Р-48}   Radio set with automatic 10 Records Player/-Changer. For first play all 10 records one sid... 
SU  55 Čajka {Чайка} [1955] 6А7  Record player 33 and 78 rpm. 
SU  49 Vostok {Восток} 49 6А7   
SU  63 Arfa {Арфа} 6Н3П  Four speeds turntable - 16,33,45,78 rpm. 
SU  45 6N-25 - 6Н-25 6А8  6Н-25 in russischer Schriftzeichen 
SU  57 Vostok {Восток} 57 6Н3П  Record player 33 and 78 rpm, piezoelectric tone-arm.