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History of the manufacturer  

Crown Radio Corp.; Tokyo

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Name: Crown Radio Corp.; Tokyo    (J)  
alternative name:
Asahi Radio Mfg. Co., Ltd
Abbreviation: crown
Products: Model types

Crown Radio Corporation, 17-4, 3-Chome-Ueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo.
Production of radio receiving sets, television sets, tape recorders, transceivers, record players, pick-ups for record players, phonograph records, microphones, electric cells and electronic applied units.

Here also: "Crown" as brand label of Asahi Radio Mfg. Co., Ltd;


This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Böhm.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
63/64 10 Transistor FM/AM 2 Band Radio TRF-1100 2SA235  Two built-in antennas, jacks for two headphones. Works with 9 volt block or six 1.5 V b... 
81 Stereo Music Center SHC-6100   SHC-6100, Analoge Sendersuche, Bass-Treble-Balance und Volumeregler, Aux-Buchse, Stereo-LE... 
68 2 Band 7 Transistor TR-750   Crown Portable 2 Band 7 Transistor Radio Model TR-750. 
72 Crowncorder Solid State SHC47F   Stereoanlage, bestehend aus 2 identischen Türmen, in einem Radio, Kassettenrecorder u... 
65 Melody Coins HT-430   AM 6-Transistor Radio Model Crown Melody Coins HT-430 Frequency Range: MW 535 - 1605 kH... 
73 CRC-450FW   11 Transistoren im Radioteil. automatische und manuelle Aussteuerung, Bandzählwerk... 
75 Studiomeister CB-1002   Stereo-Rundfunkempfänger mit Plattenpieler und Kassettenteil. 
58 8 Transistors TR-800 2N219  AM portable Radio. Available in turquoise color and in light blue. Separate mixer and osci... 
59 6 Transistor TR-666 HJ-23D  Frequency range: AM 535 - 1605 kc. Distrubuted in the USA by Shriro Corporation. US ... 
63 6-Transistor TR-333   Crown TR-333 6-Transistor Radio; See also the 3-transistor models Crown TR-333 early and ... 
59 Crown Super All Transistor TR-820 [4 Transistor] 2N411  Crown 4 Transistor AM Radio Model TR-820. Frequency Range 535 - 1605 Kc. Imported by Shr... 
59 All Transistor TR-400 2N411  Battery operated transistorized portable AM receiver. Imported by Shriro.  


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Thanks for Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation, Hungary, Zalaegerszeg.tbn_j_crown_prospekt_logo1.jpg
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