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History of the manufacturer  

Crown Radio Corp.; Tokyo

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Name: Crown Radio Corp.; Tokyo    (J)  
alternative name:
Asahi Radio Mfg. Co., Ltd
Abbreviation: crown
Products: Model types

Crown Radio Corporation, 17-4, 3-Chome-Ueno, Taito-Ku, Tokyo.
Production of radio receiving sets, television sets, tape recorders, transceivers, record players, pick-ups for record players, phonograph records, microphones, electric cells and electronic applied units.

Here also: "Crown" as brand label of Asahi Radio Mfg. Co., Ltd;


This manufacturer was suggested by Peter Böhm.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
90 Compact Disc Player CD-85R   Linear Skate Disc Loading SystemLaser Diode Pick-Up SystemD/A Converter - Digital Filter S... 
59 Six Transistor Portable Radio TR-6S (TR-65)   Label in back cover states Crown All Transistor Portable Radio TR-6S Six Transistor Su... 
79 Cassette Tape Recorder CTR-300   Portable solid state mains/battery cassette tape recorder with : Autostop Push but... 
90 Stereo Radio Double Cassette Recorder PS-K150   Built-in microphone. Autostop. Continous playback from Tape 1 to Tape 2. ... 
78 Stereo Portable Radio Recorder CSC-656L      2 x built-in microphone.    1 x external microphone ... 
70 14 Transistor 3 Bands Portable Stereo Radio Phonograph SPH-220    
88 Stereo Radio Double Cassette recorder CD-500   Stereo radio, double cassette recorder, compact disc player. Made in Taiwan. Importe... 
76 Hi-Fi Music Center SHC-3350   Turntable and Cassette-Recorder 
77 Stereo Radio Recorder CSC 622SW   Frequency bands: MW, SW1 2-6MHz, SW2 6-18MHz, FM 88-108MHz. Predecessor of CSC 630. 
69 Crowncorder SHC-44   Das Casettendeck mit eingebautem Verstärker ist eine Einheit für sich, der AM/FM Stereo-Tu... 
62 Falcon Crown CR-901   Falcon Crown Model CR-901. Made in Japan by Crown Radio Corp.  AM only.  Civil D... 
60 TR-11    


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