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History of the manufacturer  

RGD, Radio Gramophone Development; Birmingham

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Name: RGD, Radio Gramophone Development; Birmingham    (GB)  
Abbreviation: rgd
Products: Model types

RGD, Radio Gramophone Development Co.Ltd., Newtown Row, Birmingham;

In 1929 the address is given as St Peter's Place, Broad Street, Birmingham, when they manufactured magnetic pick-ups and complete radiogramophones.


They were taken over by Regentone in 1952 but the R.G.D. brand name continued.

Around 1960/61 STC took over Ace, Argosy, Regentone and RGD. Marketing and distribution moved to the KB Factory in Footscray, Kent. Eventually the radios were made in the Far East, as were ITT KB. In the early to mid 70's the names RGD, Regentone and KB were all phased out and radios were sold in the UK as just "ITT".

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  36 625 VP4B  Osram tuneon neon tuning indicator. Later sets fitted with Mullard TV4 magic eye valve. 
GB  38 718 AC ACVP2  Large aeroplane dial, with extra vernier pointer. Magic eye. 
GB  50 1700C unknown_Tube  12" 405 line TV with VHF Tuner. 
GB  58 B55 DK96  Battery is combined "balanced" Ever Ready B147, same four pin connector as B1... 
GB  58 A112 Receiver 1-12 ECC85  The 3-15 and 3-20 are Auto Radiograms using the same chassis. Wavebands: LW... 
GB  55 3-15 ECC85  Floor standing radiogramophone. Same chassis as model RGD 1-12 
GB  58 3-20 ECC85   
GB  53 ARG510 ECH42  Auto radiogram fitted with Garrard RC75 record changer, & crystal turn over pick-up HGP33C. 
GB  53 Three Speed Automatic Radiogramophone ARG5000 ECH42  A four band console radiogram covering MW (180 - 550 metres), LW (1000 - 2000 metres), SW1... 
GB  61 B58 OC44  The dimensions exclude the handle, batteries 2 x PP1  
GB  59 B56B OC44  Portable six transistor MW/LW radio in a plastic case. Released in June 1959 at £18.... 
GB  60 B57 OC44  Portable six transistor MW/LW radio in a leather case. Released in May 1960 at 16gns. Powe... 


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