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History of the manufacturer  

Radio Rentals; London

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Name: Radio Rentals; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: radiorent
Products: Model types

Radio Rentals Ltd.
92 Regent Street, London W1 (1940)

At its peak, Radio Rentals claimed it had more than 2 million customers, over 500 shops and employed 3600 technicians, 2700 skilled installers plus a large ancillary staff and it had its own television factory in Bradford until 1978. It had sales and service locations across the UK, the Radio Rentals logo being a common sight on many High Streets.

Models carrying the Baird brand name can be found under Baird (brand).

Founded: 1932
Production: 1932 -

Radio Rentals was formed in 1932 initially operating from Brighton, to rent out radio sets.

In the 1950s it acquired the rights to the Baird brand for radios (Baird was taken over by Hartley in 1954 and released the last new TV model in 1956).

In 1961 it acquired the full rights to the now defunct Baird brand name, renaming their own Bradford manufacturing division as "Baird Television Ltd". The Baird name then appeared on all Radio Rental products, not just radios, but also TV and video recorders.

In 1968 it was acquired by Thorn Electrical Industries and was merged with the DER chain, and in 2000 it merged with Granada to form Box Clever.

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  47 RR57 6Q8   
GB  55 216 UCH42  Same chassis as model 208. 
GB  59 222 UCC85  There are very few datails of Radio Rentals models available, as they restricted informati... 
GB  54 208 UCH42  Radio Rentals restricted service data to their engineers so data and schematics are diffic... 
GB  48 56 ECH35  A design feature of this rental model is that the chassis (complete with speaker) can quic... 
GB  54 224 UCH41  Radio Rentals restricted service data to their engineers so data and schematics are diffic... 
GB  99 Duplicated model with ID 110842    
GB  99/99 Dublette ID = 109321   LW preset for reception of one station, the "Light Program". Price £13.2s.6d including tax. 
GB  99/99 Dublette ID = 103166 AF114  Transportable table model. Similar circuit to model 296. Price £16.16s including tax. 
GB  55 218AC ECC85   
GB  34 AD266 FC13  Clone of the Ekco AD65 model manufactured for Radio Rentals Ltd by Ekco. 
GB  46 58 ECH35  Speaker dia from service paper. Um Reparaturen, die nur von Radio Rentals selbst ausgeführ... 


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