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Berec Radio, London

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Name: Berec Radio, London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: berec
Products: Model types

Berec Radio Ltd., Hercules Place, Holloway, London N7;

British EverReady Export Co.= BEREC, a subsidiary of EverReady for Export activities mainly in Africa, but also in Europe and elsewhere.


This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  55–57 Pioneer DK96  Blue metal louvred case, silver front. Surplus later sold as kits in UK. Perspex scale ... 
GB  61 Buccaneer DK96  Same chassis and similar case as the Ever Ready "Sky Captain". 
GB  58 Demon OC44  Similar to the Ever Ready Sky Leader model as Berec was just export brand of Ever Ready... 
GB  56 Fiesta DK96  Warning: Chassis may be live!  Autotransformer. Ferrite Rod Aerial Optiona... 
GB  56 Jester DK96  Export branded version of the Ever Ready Sky King. Uses B136 balanced combination batte... 
GB  56 Calypso DK96  This is the export version of the Ever Ready "Sky Princess" The Sky Baby (=... 
GB  56 Ballerina DK96  Similar chassis to Ever Ready model "Sky Baby". 
GB  58 Matador DK96  Attache case radio. Same chassis as Ever Ready model Sky Baronet. Price £13.13s.0d. Car A... 
GB  58 Wizard DK96  Attache case radio. Same chassis as Ever Ready model Sky Baronet. Price £12.1s.6d. 
GB  60 Auto Portable OC44  Portable radio with internal battery & speaker. When the radio is inserted into a c... 
GB  60 Bambino XA102  Similar chassis to Ever Ready model "Sky Personal" Uses a PP4 battery  
GB  54 Skyscraper Mk.II DF96  Uses B103 Combo Battery pack within the case. LT 250mA and HT about 12mA, the extra HT ... 


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Berec Radio, London
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BEREC and Ever Ready Equivalents
Michael Watterson

Ever Ready / BEREC Export Radio models using the same or very similar chassis. The BEREC Skyscraper and Skyscraper L26 vary in wave bands. Otherwise the differences are very minor (Harlequin doesn't have Sky Casket "closed" alarm as it's a completely different cabinet) and same schematic serves. Some Models such as BEREC Demon have both versions with an Ever Ready style case and a differently styled case. Neither the Sky Emperor or Berec Commander have LW

Since BEREC was for Export versions the two versions of "J" (Saucepan) were likely only marketed outside UK, and by BEREC.

Accuracy of year isn't indicated here. Check the models for currently believed year.

Berec Ever Ready Year Style using ...
Saucepan J-A3F (1954) J (SW only) 1949 Table Radio 4 -
Skyscraper Skyscraper L26 1953 Table Radio 5 - DK92
Saucepan J-A4F (1954) J (SW + MW) 1953 Table Radio 4 - DK92
Skyscraper Mk.II Spacemaster 1954 Table Radio no LW 8 - DK96
Harlequin Sky Casket 1955 Portable or Jewel case 4 - DK96
Fiesta --- 1956 Battery/mains 5 - DK96
Ballerina Sky Baby 1956 Hatbox Radio 4 - DK96
Calypso Sky Princess 1956 Valise Radio 4 - DK96
Jester Sky King 1956 Portable Radio 4 - DK96
Commander Sky Emperor 1958 AM/FM  no LW 9 - DF97
Demon Sky Leader 1958 Small Portable 6 - OC44
Matador Sky Baronet 1958 Valise Radio 4 - DK96
Wizard Sky Countess 1958 Hatbox Radio 4 - DK96
Spinmaster Sky Gram 1958 Portable 45rpm player 4 - Trans.
Pioneer --- 1959 Table 4 - DK96
Auto Portable Car Portable 1960 Docking Radio 6 - OC44
Musketeer Sky Baron 1960 Table Radio 6 - XA102
Bambino Sky Personal 1960 Small Portable 6 - XA102
Buccaneer Sky Captain 1961 Portable Radio 4 - DK96
Brigand Sky Prince 1961 Table Radio 6 - XA102


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Background and first BEREC set
Michael Watterson

See this article about the Model C background and "All Dry" Models of 1939 to 1949

It also outlines the Ever Ready connection with Lissen. The Model J is probably the first BEREC set.

Berec Radio, London
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