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Philips Norway (Norsk A/S Philips - A/S Radio Industri); Oslo

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Name: Philips Norway (Norsk A/S Philips - A/S Radio Industri); Oslo    (N)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types

Norsk A/S Philips
Arendal (1923)
Sorkedalsveien, Oslo 3 (1971)

A/S Radio Industri
Sandakerveien 16, Oslo (1936)

Founded: 1923
Production: 1936 -

Im Jahr 1911 begann die Agentur Bergaust Eftf mit dem Import von Glühlampen von Philips in Eindhoven. In den folgenden Jahren folgten eine Reihe von Speziallampen.
Die Agentur ging später in Konkurs.

1923: 8. Januar. Gründung der norwegische Gesellschaft Norsk A/S Philips mit beschränkter Haftung als Vertriebsgesellschaft für Philips Glühlampen, die in den Niederlanden hergestellt wurden.

Die Aksjeselskap, abgekürzt A/S (norwegisch ‚Aktiengesellschaft‘;) ist eine norwegische Rechtsform für kleine Aktiengesellschaften.

1930: Beginn des Verkaufs von Röntgenröhren.

1936: Philips Fabrikker A/S startet noch im selben Jahr in Brenneriveien mit der Produktion von Radiogeräten.

Im Jahr 1936 wurde A/S Radio Industri in Oslo, Sandakerveien 16 gegründet und  mit der Radio-Produktion begonnen.
Es wurden auch Schallplatten hergestellt.
Norsk A/S Philips hatte eine Vereinbarung zur Abnahme sämtlicher Produkte aus der Fabrik A/S Radio Industri abgeschlossen.
Die Fabrik erhielt vollen Zugang zu den neuesten Technologien der holländischen Philips.

This manufacturer was suggested by Hilmer Grunert.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
35 214A E446  enthält Saba 332WL-Chassis Philips Modell 214A wurde u.A. exportiert nach Schweden. 
40 814 A ECH3  Chassis wie beim Philips 789A. 
41 Rondo 42 768A ECH21   
58/59 Scala B5N83A ECC85   
54/55 Ballett BN341A ECH81   
57 President 57 B4N63A ECC85   
51 Philetta BN200U/1 UCH42   
53 Dirigent BN431A ECH81   
48 BN463A-3 ECH35   
50–52 Rondo BN500A ECH42   
52 Skaugum BN510A ECH42   
49 BN582A ECH21   


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Philips Norway (Norsk A/S Philips - A/S Radio Industri); Oslo
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A visit to A/S Radio Industri
Mark Hippenstiel

This article was published in Radiohandleren Nr. 1, 1942. It's a rough translation and contains some errors.


An appealing product - the main impression of our visit to the A / S Radio Industi, which has its offices in Sandakerveien 16. Appealing, both with due to purely technical, and what employment and social measures concerned. It is clear that management considers it very important to have a good and satisfied workforce, as this has repercussions on the quality of work.

The plant manager, Ing. Berven, said that this company probably had the tightest birth as well as possible. We do not doubt it when we hear it was founded in October 1939. What this means in the direction of material deprivation and all sorts of other deficiencies and difficulties is the obvious, when one considers what both our own country, like the other countries we depend, of've gone through in that time. This is also a bit of a business, we believe, having had to start with nothing, in these two years have performed over 12,000 devices, without in any way of praying off to the highest quality standards.

At the factory in this respect feel obligated understand one when one hears that its main task so far has been to produce sets of Philips models. The results have been so good that Philips certainly not in any way have been able to complain, they manufactured appliances have in no way been back for original products from Philips factories in Einhoven.

Naturally, it comprises an intimate contact between the two factories, so that A / S Radio Industry has full right to utilize drawings and systems of work that is the result of many years of experience by Philips factories. Most people have tried to portray the parts themselves, but this time the encounter this often insurmountable difficulties, why most important parts taken home from Holland. It's not good policy to manufacture some here at home, if need be at the expense of quality.

Preliminary has concentrated on those between large models, with particular Philips model 814A can be highlighted. Like so many other radio factories also working with this limited time because of material difficulties. This is arranged through collaboration with workers in the manner that those working 40 hours a week which corresponds to the amount of material that enters. Thereby, one avoided dismiss some of the workers, which fact is a very fair arrangement, which are all satisfied. Should the situation change thereof has the advantage of having a fully integrated workforce and have to train new people.

We take our usual circulates through the factory, and are of course as regards such a new business, that also the sanitation is in perfect order. A nice dining room with separate kitchen belonging naturally to.

Saved is really impressive, especially that which relates to system and order. A fun device with a specially designed weight, greatly simplifies the work of a picking out some sets to be out of the factory. By this screw instance, said storage manager - going the 6 st. an appliance. So be 6 screws in a small weighing scale, after which one pours into the big one to get the balance - when one has screws rather exactly 100 sets. Simple and effective, without the expense or counting. Naturally this is a trifle - but a very important thing - say ing. Berven. As all the consists in essence a radio factory of a series of minutiae, the gills that most of them corresponds best to its purpose.

The installation work shows clear signs of the influence and Philips systems. Expenses for utilities are not spared, but so is indeed a well-developed system of mounting frames and templates that enable a high degree of precision, but also requires accuracy from the workers' side. It's fun to see how precisely everything works, and many radio factories would probably find here a lot to learn - but it's not certain that A / S Radio Industry will be equally thrilled to learn that away, I'll avoid going in detail. The fact is that we have been still further strengthened at our opinion that from this plant is not for a device that does not deserve the highest quality.

The best evidence that management has had success with it when the gills to make functionaries and workers about our cicerone ing Fjeld itself. He explains, demonstrates, gesturing and are, as if we were going to be a man strong international commission of inspection. The mouth does not stand still for a moment, while he with conviction, enthusiasm embark on what has been done to facilitate and ensure the work and the workers personal interests, and promote their initiatives. Thus, it introduced proposals prizes. Every useful and time-saving suggestions are rewarded, no matter where it comes from. Once there was a boy who uttered: "Why should this be so then - can we do that?". Inn at the office, and cash prize in the labs. That so does its effect is obviously. The management is trying to do everything to prevent the worker shall be an automaton without interest.

Of course you can find one in this factory where quality is absolute control of the production is very strict and the many regulatory agencies also hear the individual worker. A specialty we have not seen before is soldering iron for 10-volt power. Small transformers connected with 4 bolts ensure this, so as to avoid unpleasant and dangerous shocks when the inevitable over wires. The vertical studs are fitted with glass handles flushed also awarded a working proposal. Once weekly work sometimes is done quickly unnav, arrange one like a gathering of film from factories, discussions and other entertainment. Under these there are also often come to things of value. Yes, it's probably not too bad to be working in the business. We must repeat yet again: A brand through appealing business."

Philips Norway (Norsk A/S Philips - A/S Radio Industri); Oslo
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