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History of the manufacturer  

Philips Finland - see also Fenno and TeRate

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Name: Philips Finland - see also Fenno and TeRate    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: philips

Philips Group has factories in many different countries. In Finland Philips products has been making a factory which was founded in 1924 and had a name Oy Fenno Radio Ab. In 1935 Siera NV became to it`s shareholder and in 1943 a new factory was completed in Helsinki - Vallila. In 1955 the name of the factory was Oy Terate Ab (Televisio Radio Tehdas = Television Radio Factory) and 1961 Philips became it`s biggest owner. In 1974 the company was fusiated to Philips and the production in Finland was finished in 1981.

Founded: 1935
Closed: 1981
Production: 1935 - 1981

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  69 Stereo Tuner/Amplifier 10RB960 /15   HiFi Tuner-amplifier in teak-veneer case, made in Finland.  Mainly germanium transist... 
FIN  49/50 390A ECH42  See also: 390A / II 390A / III 390A / IV All types have the designation 390... 
FIN  65 P3SF54T /32X   See also the similar Dutch model P3X53T //00G /00R /19G /19R 
FIN  71/72 HiFi-Stereo-Steuergerät 22RH702 /63T BF334  Two MW ranges: MW1 = 520 - 1420 kHz MW2 = 1405 - 1605 kHz Suggested speakers:... 
FIN  50 290U UCH42  See also the similar (maybe later) Philips model BSF290U. 
FIN  72/73 22RH701 /62Z BC148  Transistoren teilweise mehrfach. Das Steuergerät 22RH701/ 62Z ist Teil des Modelles Kon... 
FIN  71 811 22RH811/62Z   This model has been made in Finland for the German language market. This version is docume... 
FIN  71 Speakerbox 22RH411 /00T /01Z   Versions: /00T - Impedance 8 Ohm /01Z - Impedance 4 Ohm  
FIN  45/46 Pikku Matti 209U UCH21  Paralleltype zum Philips 209U. 
FIN  78 High Fidelity International SX 6454/71 R    
FIN  43/44 Pikku Matti 207U UCH21  Most probably this model Philips 207U has never been manufactured in Finland. Only reason ... 
FIN  43–46 Veli Matti 656A ECH21  Paralleltype zum Philips 656A. 


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