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History of the manufacturer  

Precision Apparatus Co. (Pacotronics); Brooklyn - Elmhurst - Glendale, NY / Chicago, IL

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Name: Precision Apparatus Co. (Pacotronics); Brooklyn - Elmhurst - Glendale, NY / Chicago, IL    (USA)  
Abbreviation: precis-2

Precision Apparatus Corporation
821 East New York Ave., Brooklyn, NY (1936)

Precision Apparatus Co.
647 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY (1941)

Precision Apparatus Company, Inc.
92-27 Horace Harding Blvd, Elmhurst 4, NY (1947)
70-31 84th St., Glendale 27, Long Island, NY (1954)

Precision Apparatus, Inc. (from 1963)
80-00 Cooper Ave., Glendale, NY 11227 (1964)

Precision Apparatus Division of Dynascan Corp.
1801 W. Belle Plaine Ave, Chicago IL 60613 (1967)

Pace Electrical Meters was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Precision Apparatus. PACO Electronics was the division for equipment in kit form.

Pacotronics was the parent company of all three companies. The name appears from around 1960 -  the exact ownership circumstances are currently unknown. Later tube testers like model 612 carry the "P" logo of Pacotronics, along with the statement "Precision - Test Instruments by Pacotronics", and the address of Precision Apparatus Co. on their documentation.

Founded: 1932

In 1932, Solomon M. Weingast and Murray I. Menther formed a partnership (50-50%) under the firm name and style of Precision Apparatus Corporation. On March 27, 1946, the partnership was incorporated as Precision Apparatus Co. Inc.

In November 1951, Precision Apparatus was forbidden to use false, misleading and deceptive statements about their series 910, 912, 915, 620 and 922 instruments to be "Dynamic Mutual Conductance Type Tube Testers". This already started in 1940 as "Combination dynamic mutual conductance tube tester, 33 range rotary selective A, C.-D. C. Multi-Range set tester." (Order 48 F.T.C.). 

Precision moved from Elmhurst to a new plant in Glendale, Long Island by mid-summer of 1954. The new facilities consisted of about 21,300 square feet and about 14,000 square feet of additional open space. They also provided room for Pace, Precision's subsidiary for meters and other electrical instruments.

In a proceeding before the NY Supreme Court, December 27, 1956, Precision sucessfully petitioned against Precision Meter Co. for unfair competition - enjoining the latter from the continued use of the name Precision Meter Co.

From ca. 1959 on, PACO Electronics was the kit division of Precision for the sales of measurement instruments and Hi-Fi equipment in kit form.

In ca. 1967, Precision was sold to Dynascan, but continued to exist as a division.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georges Van Campenhout.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  35 Electronometer Tube Analyzer 400    
USA  48 Tube and Battery Tester 612 [metal case] 5Y3GT  Filament voltages from 0.75 to 117 V. 
USA  40 Multi-Range Tester 854   VOM. 
USA  50 Line Load Tester AC-12   Dummy load 600 / 1200 / 1800 watts. 
USA  50 White Dot and Bar Generator E-420 6AN8   
USA  65 Multiplex Stereo Generator E490 unknown_Tube   
USA  39 Multi-Range Tester 842   The 1.5V cell mounts between two brackets on the case and the 45V battery uses clips, m... 
USA  57 Cathode Conductance Tube Tester 640    
USA  65 Picture Tube Tester and Rejuvenator CR60    
USA  58–68 Tube, Transistor and Picture Tube Tester 660   Precision Model 660 is a Cathode Conductance Tube Tester, Picture Tube, Transistor and Cry... 
USA  50 Test Master - Tube Tester 10-20 5Y3GT  This Model 10-20 tube tester, like others in the 10-series, uses the proprietary "Electron... 
USA  45 Vacuum Tube Multi-Master EV-10A   Precision Vacuum Tube Multi-Tester Model EV-10A. 


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Precision Apparatus Co. (Pacotronics); Brooklyn - Elmhurst - Glendale, NY / Chicago, IL
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Precision and similar companies
Mark Hippenstiel

James F. Mauk's book "Industrial research laboratories of the United States" of the National Research Council (U.S.), Tenth Edition, 1956, has the following entries:

2978: Precise Development Corporation (Pres: Jerome C. Merican), 2 Neil Ct., Oceanside, N.Y.
2979: Precise Measurements Company (Dir.of Research: Harold Pallatz), 942 Kings Hgwy., Brooklyn 23, N.Y.C., N.Y. with a laboratory at 2518 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn 23, N.Y.C., N.Y.
2980: Precision Apparatus Company, Inc., Glendale 27, L..I, N.Y.
2981: Precision Clinical and Analytical Laboratory, Chicago
2982: Precision Grinding Wheel Company, Philadelphia
2983: Precision Scientific Company, Chicago
2984: Precision Testing Laboratories, Worcester, Mass. 

There are a number of similarily named companies already mentioned in

Precision Apparatus Co. (Pacotronics); Brooklyn - Elmhurst - Glendale, NY / Chicago, IL
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