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History of the manufacturer  

Electronica; București - Bucharest

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Name: Electronica; București - Bucharest    (RO)  
Abbreviation: electronic
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Uzinele Electronica
Str. Balculul 82, Sectorul 2, București

The full name in ca. 1970 is "Electronica - Întreprinderea industrială de stat pentru piese de radio și televizoare și electronică industrială" = State-owned Industrial Enterprise for Radio and Television Parts and Industrial Electronics.

Founded: 1960
Production: 1960 - 1990

In 1960 Fabrica Radio Popular change their name into Uzinele Electronica as a result of expanding and modernizing their activities, adding new facilities for semiconductor and capacitor production.

The first transistor radios are made under French license, Solistor S593T and Sport S605T. Later models with their own design are e.g. Litoral S594T and Turist S605T2.

In 1961 the company made the first black and white Romanian TV set VS43, also under French licence. A Color TV set followed in 1964.

After restructuring and subdivisions, the company made parts and assemblies for home appliances from 1990 onwards. Another division operated in plastic technology.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
RO  75 Atlantic S732TE   2.KW Bereiche, UKW 65-73 MHz, getrennte Höhen und Tiefen-Regler 
RO  65 Aida S691A1 ECH81  Lsp 3 Ohm 
RO  60 Bucuresti 500 S593A ECH81  LW: 150-500 kHz; MW: 510-1800 kHz; SW: 15-50 m. 
RO  75 Pacific S732TPE   UKW 65-73 MHz. 
RO  76 Select S722TE6 BF215  UKW 65-73 MHz. 
RO  73 Neptun   Kurzwellenlupe; Gerät wurde aus Rumänien in die DDR exportiert. 
RO  73 Cora 6TR BF214  See also Electronica Cora 7TR 
RO  73 Maestro Stereo   Sinusleistung 2× 5 Watt, externe Boxen 
RO  70 Mamaia - FM-AM 4 Bands 10 Transistors [export]   Connectors for earphones, DIN for tape/record player, external 6 VDC power supply. 2-posit... 
RO  76 Royal S734TE    
RO  68 Select T68 2SA234  Kurzwellenlupe, Ferritantenne, Anschluss für Tonbandgerät. 
RO  64 Darclee 3 S643A ECC85   


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