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History of the manufacturer  

Finlux (brand)

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Name: Finlux (brand)    (FIN)  
alternative name:
Iskumetalli Oy || Lohja Oy
Abbreviation: finlux

"Finlux" is a brand of consumer electronic related products, ranging from radio receivers to plasma televisions and DVD players.
It was also the name of two companies: "Iskumetalli Oy" in Lohja, and "Turun TV-tehdas A/B" in Turku that owned the brands ASA, Finlux, Luxor and Salora.

Over the years the brand name has been owned by several international companies.

Founded: 1971
Production: 1971 -
The name "Finlux" first appeared in 1964 when "Iskumetalli Oy" began marketing TV sets with that brand name after being acquired by the Finnish Lohja conglomerate (Lohja Oy, Turku).
Since 1947 "Iskumetalli Oy" was owned by "Lohjan Kalkkitehdas" and started in 1949 manufacturing of "Luxor" radios under licence.
In 1971 it was renamed "Finlux" - this was the first time that "Finlux" had been used as a company name.
As of 2009 the brand is owned by the Turkish electronics manufacturer "Vestel" as "Oy Vestel Scandinavia Ab / Finlux" in Järvenpää.

This manufacturer was suggested by Lasse Nirhamo.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  75 M1451   Made in Japan. 
FIN  78 TAPC 4040   Lenco L84 record player, cassette recorder. 2 x 40 W (+ 20 W for pseudo spatial effect) si... 
FIN  78 8454   1 x 200 mm, 1 x 130 mm, 1 x 19 mm Ø loudspeakers, 4 ohm. 
FIN  74 Peacock A67-150X  4 IC. UHF channels 21 to 68. 
FIN  95 Tango 20" FL51FO50 - AFFF51M22GD Ch= PC230   51 cm /20" PAL color TV with CCIR B/G standard tuner. Scart terminal. 50 W power co... 
FIN  68 Karelia 1001   See also Luxor Modells Karriär 5077 (Sweden) and Karriär 5077 (Finland). 
FIN  83 Teletext addon module for ASA and Finlux TV chassies TX 03400511 SAA5041  Finlux Teletext Decoder to be retrofitted into the following type of TV chassis: ASA: 5... 
FIN  80/81 Computune 670 OBC Ch= 67690 A67-701X  Finlux Computune OBC 670 - 26 inch (67 cm) color TV with 10 programs, frequency synthesis ... 
FIN  74 Colibri 67980 A67-150X  Finlux Colibri 67980 - 26 inch (67 cm) color TV with narrow-neck delta-gun CRT (A67-150X),... 
FIN  83 OBC Satellite 9510 RC   Finlux OBC Satellite 9510 RC - 20 inch (51 cm) color TV with 30 programs frequency synthes... 
FIN  76 TC 200 In Line 51860 Ch= 95802 A51-161X  Finlux TC200 In Line 51860 - 20 inch (51 cm) color TV with Videocolor/RCA PIL tube (A51-16... 
FIN  78–80 OBC 670 PD/RD 67770 / 67790 670CDB22  Finlux OBC 670 - 26 inch (67 cm) color TV with 16 programs. Voltage synthesis tuning, a... 


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Iskumetalli Logo from year 1953 (Radio 12/1953)tbn_fin_iskumetalli_oy_lohja_radio_12_1953.jpg


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