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History of the manufacturer  

Telefunken, Helsinki

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Name: Telefunken, Helsinki    (FIN)  
Abbreviation: telefunken

Made also in Finland, AEG Telefunken Oy, Helsinki

Production: 1940 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Lasse Nirhamo.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
FIN  49 Super 2417VK ECH21   
FIN  36 520WLK REN914  This set is re-labeled Siemens Zweiröhren-Luxus 52WLK for Finnish market. 
FIN  40 054GWK UCH11  Exportgerät. Siehe auch Telefunken 054GWK im Bakelitgeäuse. 
FIN  52/53 Super 2423 ECH42  Fuse: 125V/1A or 220V/0,6A 
FIN  34 234GW CF1   
FIN  53 Maestoso FM-AM-Super 2900 6F31   
FIN  54 Vivace Super 2432 6H31  6 pcs tubes in AM-radio-part, and 4pcs in FM-part (EC92, EF80, EF85, EABC80) 
FIN  49/50 Super 2420    
FIN  52/53 2203 UCH21  Telefunken 2203 is similar to Tesla Talisman 306U 
FIN  65 Electrophon 105 SV ECL86  Speed: 16, 33, 45, 78 rpm. 
FIN  52/53 Super 2426 ECH42  The only difference with Super 2423 is that there is more than one SW band. Dial la... 
FIN  42 Paristosuper T264BD DCH11   


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