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History of the manufacturer  

Moscow TEMP Radio Works/Plant (ex-Moselektrik); Moskow

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Name: Moscow TEMP Radio Works/Plant (ex-Moselektrik); Moskow    (SU)  
Abbreviation: moscowtemp
Products: Model types Others

Current name, "TEMP State-owned Enterprise", was acquired by late 1970s. From 1932 to 1964 this factory was known by the name "Orjonikidze Moscow Radio Works", and from 1935 till 1946 as "Orjonikidze Moscow Radio Works No. 203".

Factory was relocated from Peterburg in February, 1918, and the first of its names in Moscow were "The First Governmental Electromechanical Plant" in 1918-1925 (see: moscmemz) and "Moselektrik" in 1925-1932 (see: moselektri).

Firstly named "The first govermental elektromechanical plant" (see MEMZ Nr.1)(moscow-el), secondly - Moscow radio plant "Temp", finely name - Moscow industrial union "Temp", see "moscowtemp".

Founded: 1918

First civil production from 1926 were crystal sets from P-2 to P-7 followed by 2-tube audion receiver RPL-2. TRF receivers were in production in 1930-1935 (ECHS series, SI-235). Starting 1935 the factory switched completely to military radios, primarily for tanks and air force. Relocated to Sarapoul (near Izhevsk, Udmurtia) in November, 1941, this Moscow factory gave birth to "Orjonikidze Sarapoul Radio Works No. 203" where military radios only have been manufactured till 1946. Moscow factory reinstated its production in 1946 sharing it now between military radios and civil models like "Rodina" and "Vesna" cheaper receivers. Famous for its moderately priced KVN-49 TV set which became very popular in post-war USSR.

For 80 years "TEMP" MOSCOW RADIO PLANT has been specializing in manufacture of radio devices. The Plants last generation products are the following: Aircraft automatic radiocompasses which ensure flight enroute and approach for landing procedure; FM radiocompasses which provide aircraft to aircraft approach including in-flight refueling procedure and search of people suffering distress in emergency Aircraft; receiver-display units operating with both Russian (GLONASS), and foreign (NAVSTAR) signals of satellite navigating systems; Emergency radio stations for providing bidirectional communication between aircrew in distress and rescue team.

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  63 Start {Старт} 2 П422   
SU  69 Sokol {Сокол} 4    
SU  71–82 Sokol - Сокол 403 П422_russ  Special charging plug for battery charger with AC mains 127 V or 220 V (switchable). He... 
SU  63–71 Сокол Sokol [linear dial] П422  Ext. power jack, dry or storage battery 9 V. Storage battery could be charged by external ... 
SU  76 Sokol - Сокол 308 [CCIR] ГТ313  Das Gerät trägt das Logo des Außenhandelsunternehmens Technointorg. AFC... 
SU  77–82 Sokol {Сокол} 404   "Sokol"-translation in English-"Falcon". Supply - six batteries type AA (6 x 1,5 V).Anten... 
SU  82–89 Sokol {Сокол} 304 КТ3126А  Sokol-translation in English - Falcon. Supply - six batteries type AA (6 x 1,5 V). Antenn... 
SU  47 Moskvič - Москвич T-1 6Ж4  Der Vorgänger des Modells Leningrad T2, 625-Zeilen-Norm, 6,5 MHz Bild/Tonabstand. Receive... 
SU  50–57 Moskvič V - В [variant 2] 6А10С  Tube 6a10, later changed to 6a7. One model name and same case design at all time. In time... 
SU  90 Sokol {Сокол} RP-204 {РП-204}   Name Sokol, original Ciril writing: see photo. 
SU  91 Sokol {Сокол} RP-210 {РП-210}    
SU  88 Temp {Темп}   Soviet souvenir Radio designed as TEMP TV set, made for the XIX All-Soviet Communists Conf... 


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