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History of the manufacturer  

Radiometer; København - Copenhagen

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Name: Radiometer; København - Copenhagen    (DK)  
Abbreviation: radiometer
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

72 Emdrupvej, København Nordvest (1962)

Radiometer manufactured instruments for the upcoming radio industry in Denmark. From 1954 on they also produced medical equipment which is their mainstay since around the 1970s/19080s.

Founded: 1935
Production: 1935 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Urs Gloor.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
DK  60 Distortion Meter BKF6d E80CF  Klirrfaktor-Meßgerät, 19" 5RU Einschub in Tischgehäuse, 22 Tasten, Drehskala 20-20kHz in 3... 
DK  50 Multimeter MM1m   Messbrücke für R, L, C mit HF / LF. 
DK  64 Stereo-Generator SMG 1   Stereocoder für Labor und Entwicklungsarbeiten, 90-MHz-Oszillator, für den Service von Ste... 
DK  51 L-C Meter QL4 EF6  Capacitance measurments: 0 to 30000 pF in 3 ranges. Inductance measurments: 0 µH to 300 mH... 
DK  42 Maalesender MS12b 4687  Signal generator, six frequency ranges covering 100 kHz - 31 MHz; internal 400-Hz-AM-Modul... 
DK  46 Impedansmaaler GB6c EF6   
DK  70 RCL-Meter MM2a   Resistance-Ranges: 3-300 Ohm, 1-300 kOhm, 1 MOhm; L/C-Ranges: 3-300 µH/pF, 1-300 mH/nF, 1-... 
DK  68 AF-Millivoltmeter RV36c   1 mV to 300 V, 20 Hz to 2 MHz, UHF jack. Input impedance: Capacity 30pF in mV ran... 
DK  71 Automatischer Klirranalysator BKF 10   Radiometer Klirrfaktormesser BKF10. Grundfrequenz: 20 Hz bis 20 kHz. Klirrfaktorber... 
DK  76 Stereo-Generator SMG40 BC557  The SMG40 Stereo Generator is a compact stereo generator which provides a time-multiple... 
DK  55 Grid-Dipmeter GDO 1b EC81  Resonant frequency 2 - 220 MHz 
DK  72 Megohmmeter IM6   Obere Logarithmische Skala erfasst 2 Dekaden 0,1 - 1 - 10. Messbereiche in 8 Stufen dekad... 


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