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History of the manufacturer  

Akai Electric Co., Ltd.; Tokyo

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Name: Akai Electric Co., Ltd.; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: akai
Products: Others

Akai Electric Co., Ltd
Tokyo, Japan

Akai Electric Company Ltd. is mostly known as a manufacturer of tape recorders under the Akai and Roberts brands.


Founded: 1929

Akai was founded by Masukichi Akai and his son, Saburo Akai (who died in 1973) as Akai Electric Company Ltd. (赤井電機株式会社 Akai Denki Kabushiki-gaisha), a Japanese manufacturer in 1929 or 1946. At its peak in the late 1990s, Akai Holdings employed 100,000 workers and had annual sales of HK$40 billion (US$5.2 billion), but it collapsed in 2000 owing creditors US$1.1B. It emerged that ownership of Akai Holdings had somehow passed in 1999 to Grande Holdings, a company founded by Akai's chairman James Ting. The liquidators claimed that Ting had stolen over US$800m from the company with the assistance of accountants Ernst & Young who had tampered with audit documents going back to 1994. Ting was imprisoned for false accounting in 2005,and E&Y paid $200m to settle the negligence case out of court in September 2009. In a separate lawsuit, a former E&Y partner, Cristopher Ho, made a "substantial payment" to Akai creditors in his role as chairman of Grande Holdings.
[Source: Wikipedia]

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
86 AP-A201C   Halbautomatischer Plattenspieler mit Direktantrieb und 2 Geschwindigkeiten (33 und 45 Upm)... 
73 Stereo Tape Deck 4000DS   4 Spuren, Bandgeschwindigkeiten 9,5 und 19 cm/sek., 3 Tonköpfe. 4 IC-s. 30-22 000 Hz +/- 3... 
73 Stereo Tape Deck GX-260D   4 Spuren, Bandgeschwindigkeiten 9,5 und 19 cm/sek., 3 Motoren, 6 Tonköpfe. Automatische La... 
73 GX-210D   4-Spur, Bandgeschwindigkeit 9,5 und 19 cm/s, 3 Motore, 3 Tonköpfe, Auto-Reverse. 29 Transi... 
73 8 Track-Stereo GXR-82D   8 Spur Kassettenrecorder, 8 Track Cartridge Player Pausetaste, Programmwahlschalter mit Le... 
72 Surround Stereo 1730D-SS   4-Track, 4-Channel, Reel-to-Reel, 7.5/3.75 ips, up to 7" reels, 50/60cycle mains. Vierspu... 
70 Multi-Purpose Tape Recorder X-1810 D   4-Spur Tonbandgerät mit seitlich eingebautem 8-Spur Kassettenrecorder. Es kann von Band au... 
70 Stereo Tape Deck 1731L   4-Track Stereo Tape Recorder, 3-Head 
74 Multi-Purpose Tape Recorder GX-1820D   4 Spur Bandgerät mit seitlich eingebautem 8 Spur Kassettenrecorder. 3 Motoren, Bandgeschwi... 
73 GX-285D   4-Spur, 9,5 und 19 cm/s, 3 Motoren, 4 Tonköpfe, Spulen-Ø bis 18 cm, Autoreverse Maschine m... 
76 Stereo Tape Deck GX-215D   4-Spur, Bandgeschwindigkeit 9,5 und 19cm/sec, 3 Motoren, 2 Tonköpfe, Spulendurchmesser bis... 
72 Stereo Tape Deck GX-230D   4-Spur, Bandgeschwindigkeit 9,5 und 19 cm/sec, 3 Tonköpfe, 3 Motoren, Spulendurchmesser bi... 


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Scanned from the AKAI Original-Prospect 1983/84.tbn_akai_av_u8.jpg
Original prospekt in 1993.tbn_j_akai_logo.jpg
Akai Advertisement, Discoteca Hi-Fi, Anno XXI n. 212, Dicembre 1980; Italytbn_j_akai_1980_ad.jpg
Akai Formula 50 - Italian ad, 1980tbn_j_akai_formula_50_1980_ad.jpg
Scanned from the AKAI Original-Prospect 1983/84.tbn_akai_instructions_page_26.jpg
Scanned from the AKAI Original-Prospect 1983/84.tbn_akai_instructions_page_24.jpg
Scanned from the AKAI Original-Prospect 1983/84.tbn_akai_page_40.jpg
Funkschau 1973tbn_akai_inserat1973_gx_koepfe.jpg
From Italian magazine "Quattroruote", Domus editorial, number 312, October 1981.tbn_j_akai_products.jpg
Manufacturer documentationtbn_j_akai_katalog_75_76.jpg


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