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History of the manufacturer  

Aristocrat, Syme E.S.M. (ESM), Pty. Ltd.; Glebe, NSW

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Name: Aristocrat, Syme E.S.M. (ESM), Pty. Ltd.; Glebe, NSW    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: aristocrat
Products: Model types

E.S.M. Syme Pty. Ltd.
17-19 Glebe Street, Glebe, NSW (1937-1942)

Brand: Aristocrat


The company continued manufacturing and marketing the “Aristocrat” brand of radio after moving into the Glebe Street factory of Electrical Specialty Mfg. Co. Ltd. (ESM) in late 1937 until 1941.

Registered as E.S.M. Syme Pty. Ltd., but advertised as Syme E.S.M. Pty. Ltd.

Founded: 1937
Closed: 1944
Production: 1937 - 1941

E.S.M. Syme Pty. Ltd., was registered by W.A. Syme and R.A. Wright in August 1937.[1]

W.A. Syme was the Managing Director of W.A. Syme & Co. who sold the “Symfona” brand of radio.

No information can be found at the time of writing on a business takeover but they moved WA Syme & Co to the Glebe Street address of Electrical Specialty Mfg. Co. Ltd. (ESM)  who at the time was manufacturing the “Aristocrat” brand of radio.

Syme advertised the “Aristocrat” brand with the slogan “Recreates the Artist in your Home” which they built and marketed both table and console radios through distributors under the “Aristocrat”brand. They used the slogan “Recreates the Artist in your Home”. In early 1938 they advertised 24 Models, AC, AC-DC, Battery and Vibrator.[2]

The company manufactured radios till the end of 1941 when they started to manufacture for the war effort.[3]

In January 1946, Tecnico Electronics Ltd. commenced radio and electrical assembly at the Glebe Street factory. [4] It is not clear if this was a takeover, however Tecnico Electronics commenced manufacturing radios under the “Tecnico Aristocrat” brand.  See Tecnico Electronics Ltd. for more information on this radio brand.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  38 868 1C4   
AUS  38 855 1C4   
AUS  38 855M 1C4   
AUS  38 856 1C4   
AUS  38 856M 1C4   
AUS  38 857 1C4  Uses synchronous vibrator power unit. 
AUS  38 857M 1C4  Uses synchronous vibrator power unit. Circuit similar if not identical to model 857. 
AUS  38 858 1C4  Designed to use air cells for L.T. 
AUS  38 869 1A4  Designed to use air cells for L.T. 
AUS  38 866 1C4   
AUS  38 850 6A8G   
AUS  38 850M 6A8G   


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