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History of the manufacturer  

Airzone (1931) Ltd.; Sydney

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Name: Airzone (1931) Ltd.; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: airzone
Products: Model types

Airzone Ltd.
Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney, NSW (1926)
1928 - 1931: 16 Australia Street, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW (1928 - 1931)

Airzone (1931)Ltd.
16 Australia Street, Camperdown, Sydney, NSW (1931 - 1944)
68 Parramatta Road, Auburn, NSW. (1944)

The Airzone Company was started by Cluade Plowman  (1895-1954) and Edgar Sydney Wolfenden.

The Company was registered as Airzone Ltd on 16 February 1927 and the “Airzone” Trademark registered earlier in July 1926.

Airzone became one of the biggest manufacturers in Australia and produced also for Malvern StarMullard and Peal.

Founded: 1925
Production: 1925 - 1955

Airzone started manufacturing crystal sets in 1925.

In 1928 they moved to Parramatta Road at Camperdown in Sydney and expanded to 750 employees.

In September, 1931 Airzone Ltd. was liquidated and the company was reorganised as a public company, "Airzone 1931 Ltd. “with 9000 ordinary and 1000 employee shares at £1 each.

By 1936 the factory floor area was over 3400 square metres.

At different stages in World War II the factory produced instruments for testing radar and electrical communications, assembled grenades and made asdic equipment.

On the 24th June, 1946 the company was taken over by Electricity Meter and Allied Industries Ltd. (EMAIL) who had taken over Emmco in 1936 and were manufacturers of Philco brand sets.

After the takeover, Plowman remained as manager of Airzone

After 1948 both Airzone and Philco branded sets were the same.

Radio production finished after 1955.

Airzone branded radios made after 1955 were manufactured by AWA.

Sir Claude Plowman (1895-1954)

He was knighted in 1948 for services to industry and yachting.

As a senior member of the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania was prominent in the 1945 discussions that led to the establishment of the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. He skippered the Morna to three successive, first cross the line” wins from 1946.


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  38 451 1C6   
AUS  52–54 Imp A120 Ch= 4A1C1 6A8G  Colours available in Walnut, Burgundy, Mottled Burgundy, Green, Ivory The Imp A120, whi... 
AUS  58/59 A172CZ 6BQ7A  Rebadged AWA model 209CZ. Same as for model A172C, but with some minor modifications. C... 
AUS  60 A214CX 6BQ7A  Rebadged AWA 213CX. Cabinet finishes in Walnut, Maple & Mahogany. 
AUS  59 A213LX 6BQ7A  Rebaged AWA model 220LX. Cabinet finishes available in Walnut, Maple & Rose Mahogany. 
AUS  35/36 657 VP2  Possibly uses a 607 chassis. 
AUS  52/53 A119/5 Ch= 5A2F3 6J8GA  Dual-wave radiogram with a 3-speed record changer. Cabinet finished in Sycamore. 
AUS  41 1362A   No service data presently found for this model as was the case for many models built durin... 
AUS  41 1652A   No service data presently found for this model as was the case for many models built durin... 
AUS  51/52 A114/1 Ch= 5A2D3 6J8GA  Dual-wave radiogram with 78 RPM automatic record changer. Cabinet finishes available in... 
AUS  52/53 A119/3 Ch= 5A2F3 6J8GA  Dual-wave radiogram with a 3-speed record changer. Cabinet finishes available in Walnut... 
AUS  51/52 A119/1 Ch= 5A2F3 6J8GA  Radiogram with a 78RPM automatic record changer. Cabinet finishes available in Walnut o... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Airzone new models for 1932 advertisment from "West Australian Wireless News & Musical World" magazine April 1932.tbn_aus_airzone_1932_new_model_advert.jpg
Advertisement listing new Airzone Radios and prices for 1932 available from Morris Brothers, Perth Western Australia. From "West Australian Wireless News & Musical World", April 1932, page 75.tbn_aus_airzone_1932_new_models_advert.jpg
Peal Logo "Clear as a Bell" Peal Radios were manufactured by Airzone.tbn_aus_airzone_peal_logo.jpg
Advertisement from the West Wyalong Advocate (NSW), March 10, 1936.tbn_airzone_ad_1936.jpg
Airzone trade mark application #44006. Daily Commercial News and Shipping List (NSW), 21 July 1926, page 8tbn_aus_airzone_trademark_application.jpg
Article from the Sunday Mail (NSW) 25 February 1934, p23, describing the factory manufacturing process.tbn_aus_airzone_article_sunday_mail_nsw_25_2_34_p23.png
In 1944 Airzone (1931) Ltd. moved to a new factory at 168 Parramatta Road, Auburn, N.S.W. From Mercury (TAS) 7 October 1944, page 4.tbn_aus_airzone_auburn_mercury_tas_7_10_1944p4.jpg
In 1928 Airzone Ltd. purchases a factory at 16 Australia Street, Camperdown, Sydney. From The Sun(NSW) 24 July 1928, page 14.tbn_aus_airzone_camperdown_factory_sun_nsw_24_7_1928p14.jpg
The death of Sir Claude Plowman in 1954. From The Canberra Times (ACT) 7 September 1954, page 2.tbn_aus_airzone_plowman_death_canb_times_7_9_65p2.jpg
In May 1931 Airzone Ltd. was wound up. Government Gazette of the State of New South Wales ( NSW) ,8 May 1931 Page 1724.tbn_aus_airzone_wound_up_gg_nsw_8_may_1931_p_1724.jpg
Advert from the Radio Trade Annual 1933 describing models, 303, 404, 501, 601 & 603.tbn_aus_airzone_rta_1933_page_104.jpg
In October 1931 Airzone (1931) Ltd. was listed. Sydney Morning Herald, Oct 17, 1931, page 15.tbn_aus_airzone_ltd_shares_smh_17_10_1931p15~~1.jpg