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History of the manufacturer  

Kikusui Denpa, later Kikusui Electronics; Yokohama

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Name: Kikusui Denpa, later Kikusui Electronics; Yokohama    (J)  
Abbreviation: kikusui
Products: Model types Others

Kikusui Electronics Corp., Yokohama

-1951 Kikusui Denpa Co., Ltd. established.
-1953 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter and RC Signal Generator developed.
-1957 Oscilloscope, Withstanding Voltage Tester, Function Generator, and Square-wave Generator developed.
-1962 Corporate name changed to Kikusui Electronics Corporation
-1965 Head office relocated to Kawasaki (formerly called "Tamagawa Factory").
          1175,3- Chome, Shinmaruko- Higashi, Kawasaki City
-1966 Dual trace Oscilloscope, 73 Series Power Supply and Digital voltmeters developed.
-1975 PAD-L Series Power Supply developed.
-1979 Kikusui International Corporation established in the United States.
Production of LF- and HF-Test Equipment, Powersupplys, High Voltage Digital Voltmeters, Digital Audio Test Equipment and some more.

Founded: 1951
Production: 1951 -

This manufacturer was suggested by Urs Gloor.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
59 Oscilloscope 536A 6AK8  CRT 3KP1F Diameter 75mm, 8 Diodes, Sweep Frequency 10Hz to 100kHz. Siehe auch Ultron Os... 
81 Oscilloscope COS 3010-TW   Kikusui COS 3010-TW, Oscilloscope;Two channel, 15 MHz, portable accu operated oscilloscope... 
81 Oscilloscope 5520   Kikusui 5520, Oscilloscope 20 MHz. 
89 Oscilloscope COM7101A   4 channel 100MHz digital storage oscilloscope. CRT screen area: 8x10cm, 20KV Sampling ra... 
70 Oscilloscope COS5020 150BTB31  Doble haz, ancho de banda 20 MHz, sensibilidad 1 mV-5V, CTR 6", fósforo P31. 
88 Digital Storage Oscilloscope COM7061A 150CWB31  Digital Storage Oscilloscope; COM7061A 4 channel, 60 MHz. 
79 PDM 35-3 Dual Tracking DC Power Supply   2x 35 V / 2x 3 A. Either bipolar or in Series (70 V). 
70 Oscilloscope COS5021 150BTB31  Doble haz, ancho de banda 20 MHz, sensibilidad 1 mV-5V, CTR 6", fósforo P31. 
75 Digital Volt-Ohmmeter 156L CD66  Each semiconductor type listed once only.  
89 Oscilloscope COM-7100A   4 channel 100MHz oscilloscope. Digital voltage or frequency counter, CRT readout. Time: ... 
85 Oscilloscope COS 5060 A 150CTB31  2-Kanal Oszilloskop Frequenzbereich DC-60MHz Empfindlichkeit 5mV/DIV - 5V/DIV 
80 AC Voltmeter 1831A   Dual galvanometer in one axxis Two colors indicating nedles (red and black) RMS and dB ... 


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Revista Elektor nº16 septiembre 1981tbn_j_kikusui_publi.jpg
Electronic Equipment and Components Manufacturers in Japan, 1962, pg. 9 ("DEMPA" is misspelled and should be "DENPA").tbn_j_kikusui_denpa_1962_doc.jpg