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Marantz; Itasca

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Name: Marantz; Itasca    (USA)  
Abbreviation: marantz
Products: Model types Others

Marantz America, Inc. 1100 Maplewood Dr Itasca, IL 60143

Saul Marantz was never satisfied with the "hi fi" equipment of his day. So he built better; the Model 7 preamplifier. The Model 8 and, soon after, the 8B power amplifier, in the 60s the Model 10B FM tuner and in the 70s the 2200 receivers - the blue series gyro tuning models. 1983 the beginning of consumer digital audio area starts with the CD-63, the first publicly announced CD player.

Founded: 1951
Production: 1951 -
In 1964, the Company ran into financial difficulties that eventually forced Saul Marantz to sell his company to Superscope Inc. Superscope aimed to expand the business and make Marantz a more general audio manufacturer. They looked to Japanese manufacturers to help into the mid range market, and in 1966 a trial production run with the Standard Radio Corporation of Japan led to the Model 25 modular stereo, joined later by lower cost models 22 and 28. Around this time, design and production (except for A-line articles) was switched from the US to Japan, and Superscope took a 50% participation in Standard Radio Corp. This corporation changed its name to Marantz Japan Inc. in 1975. Right up until the mid seventies, Marantz continued to produce excellent high-end and mid-range HiFi. But towards the end of the decade, the company found itself struggling in an increasingly competitive marketplace and in 1980, Superscope sold the rights to the Marantz brand, the dealership and all overseas assets (except USA and Canada) to Royal Philips Electronics the Dutch consumer electronics giant. The Superscope 'Marantz' brand continued to market its own low-cost products in the US and Canada right up until 1992 when Philips also acquired the rights and dealership for North America.
Marantz Generalvertretung für Österreich:
HEA Werke Wien, Ing. F. Houben, 1141 Wien, Linzer Straße 235a.

This manufacturer was suggested by Urs Gloor.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  83 Stereo Integrated Amplifier PM-4   A stereo integrated amplifier in Marantz's 'Esotec' Series of hi-fi separates. Power outpu... 
USA  73 Stereophonic Receiver Twenty Nine (29)   A stereo hi-fi receiver with a 3 band AM/FM tuner and an amplifier with output power of 12... 
USA  78 Stereo Control Console 3250B   A hi-fi stereo preamplifier in a metal case optionally housed in a walnut veneer wooden ca... 
USA  66 Stereo Console Model 7 ECC83  A stereo hi-fi valve preamplifier housed in a metal case, a mahogany, walnut or blond wood... 
USA  81 Console Stereo Amplifier Esotec Series PM-6   A stereo integrated amplifier in the Marantz 'Esotec Series' of hi-fi separates, in a meta... 
USA  81 AM/FM Stereo Tuner ST610   A hi-fi stereo AM/FM tuner covering FM (87.4-108.2MHz) and MW (520-1630kHz). Gyro-Touch tu... 
USA  85 Digital Monitoring Amplifier PM-84   A high power integrated stereo amplifier with flexible and comprehensive input/output opti... 
USA  78 Spectrum Analyzer Microphone EM551   Probabilmente da usare con Marantz Graphic Equalizer Spectrum Analyzer EQ551 
USA  81 HD660 [Late]   3 way hi-fi floor or stand mount loudspeakers in walnut vinyl finish wooden cabinets. S... 
USA  78 Turntable 6025   A belt-drive 2 speed stereo hi-fi turntable with auto shut off, complete with tonearm. ... 
USA  76 Turntable 6370Q   A direct drive 2 speed stereo hi-fi turntable complete with tonearm, with digital display,... 
USA  79 MW/LW/FM Stereo Tuner ST400L (ST-400L)   An AM/FM (MW, LW, FM) stereo hi-fi tuner. Some examples have a rack front. On the front, p... 


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