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History of the manufacturer  

Marantz (Sound United LLC); Vista, CA

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Name: Marantz (Sound United LLC); Vista, CA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: marantz
Products: Model types Others

Marantz (Sound United LLC)
1 Viper Way
Vista, CA  92081 

Previous addresses include:

Marantz Co., 25-14 Woodside, Long Island City 6, New York City (1953)

Marantz Co. Inc., PO Box 99, Sun Valley, California 91352

Marantz Co. Inc., PO Box 577, Chatsworth, California 91311

Marantz America Inc., 1100 Maplewood Drive, Itasca, IL 60143

Marantz is a manufacturer/brand of HiFi equipment that was started in New York City in 1952 by Saul Marantz. The brand continues to this day under the ownership of Sound United LLC.

Founded: 1952
Production: 1952 -

Saul Marantz was never satisfied with the "hi fi" equipment of his day, so he built better, starting with the Audio Consolette preamplifier in 1952; 100 units built in a small workshop at his home in Kew Gardens (Queens), New York City and sold through Harvey's Radio, 6th Avenue, Manhattan.  He soon had a waiting list for several hundred units, so in 1953 he established the Marantz Company with manufacturing facilities in 25-14 Woodside, Long Island City 6, New York City.  Other popular products followed - the Model 1 preamplifier, the Model 2 power amplifier, and then in 1958 the Model 7 stereo preamplifier. These were followed in 1959 by the Model 8, and soon after, the 8B power amplifier, and in 1964 the Model 10B FM tuner.  The Company ran into financial difficulties in 1964 which eventually forced Saul Marantz to sell his company to Superscope Inc., who at that time were the distributors of Sony tape recorders in the USA.

Superscope aimed to expand the business and make Marantz a more general audio manufacturer. They moved the business to a larger manufacturing facility in Sun Valley, California and then looked to Japanese manufacturers to build products for the mid-range market. In 1966 a trial production run with the Standard Radio Corporation, Sagamihara-Shi, Tokyo, Japan led to the Model 25 modular stereo, joined later by lower cost models 22 and 28.  Soon much of the production (except for A-line products) was switched from the USA to Japan, and Superscope took a 50% participation in the Standard Radio Corporation.  This corporation changed its name to Marantz Japan Inc. in 1975 and around the same time Marantz Co. Inc. USA moved its headquarters to Chatsworth, California. Until the mid-seventies, Marantz continued to produce excellent high-end and mid-range HiFi, such as the 2200 receivers, the blue series gyro tuning models, but towards the end of the decade the company found itself struggling in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  In 1980, Royal Philips Electronics, the Dutch consumer electronics giant, acquired the rights to the Marantz brand. This included the dealerships and all overseas assets, except in the USA and Canada where Superscope continued to distribute Marantz products and market its own low-cost products until 1992 when Philips also acquired the rights and dealerships for North America.

In 1980, Philips was developing the Compact disc player. The Marantz CD-63 was the first publicly announced CD player in the world and was released in Japan in late 1982.  The Marantz CD-63 was identical to the first Philips machine, the CD100, and both machines, built in Philips Holland and Belgium factories, were released in 1983 in Europe and in the USA (the CD100 as the Magnavox FD1000). Marantz CD player production continued in Europe and started in Japan in 1984 with the CD-54, CD-74 and CD-84 models. Research and Development work was performed in Europe where one man in particular, Ken Ishiwata, became famous for his work with Marantz products. He designed many outstanding special edition models which were highly praised in HiFi press reviews. Marantz Japan Inc. continued to build high quality HiFi products for worldwide distribution expanding their range into home theatre products including A/V Receivers, Video cameras and recorders, Laser Disc, DVD and Television monitors.  Marantz America Inc., Itasca, Illinois was formed in 1994 to distribute Marantz products in the USA.


2001 marked a momentous time for Marantz Japan Inc. when it became an autonomous company and acquired the rights to the Marantz brand (including all sales subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities) from Philips. In 2002 it was acquired by D & M Holdings Inc., an international investment and management group that controlled Denon, McIntosh Labs, Escient, Boston Acoustics, and other brands. Marantz continued, producing high quality products including a new Reference Series, the MA-9S1 power amplifier, the SC-7S1 preamplifier and the SA-11S1 CD player.  After over 50 years Marantz is now closer to its roots in high performance home entertainment than it has been since the 1960's.

D & M Holdings Inc. later changed its name to D+M Group, and in 2017 was acquired by Sound United LLC based in the USA.


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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  68–72 Stereophonic Receiver eighteen (18) D3-11GJ  The first hi-fi stereo integrated receiver made by Marantz with an FM stereo tuner, preamp... 
USA  72–76 Stereophonic receiver 2245 TA7060  Blue face series receiver 2 x 45 watts, "gyro tuning". 1 IC (TA7060P, driver ... 
USA  83 Compact Disc Player CD-73   The second hi-fi stereo compact disc player released by Marantz in 1983, housed in a metal... 
USA  78 Stereophonic Tuner 2110 50TB31  Built in scope for tuning and audio indication. Semiconductors are listed only once... 
USA  78 Console Stereo Amplifier 1050   Stereo-Amplifier, 2× 25 W RMS (8 Ohm). 
USA  80 Console Stereo Amplifier PM-350   Console stereo amplifier 
USA  80 Digital Synthesizer Tuner ST-430   Digital Synthesizer Tuner 
USA  83 Stereo Amplifier PM-330   Stereo amplifier RMS Power into 4 Ohm (DIN) 2 x 49W. Peak Power (IHF) 2 x 73W. ... 
USA  78 Stereo Cassette Deck 5010-B   Marantz 5010 B Stereo Cassette Deck; Dolby B, response: 30 - 17.000 Hz (FeCr), wow & flutt... 
USA  78–80 AM/FM Stereo Receiver 1550   Inputs: Phono, Aux, 2 x Tape. 4 x speaker out. 
USA  78 Stereophonic Receiver 2265B 2SD555  Receiver mit 2 x 85 Watt, Impedance 4-8 Ohm; Endstufentransistoren: Marantz 2x D 555+2x B ... 
USA  77 Stereophonic Receiver SR-1000    


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