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Philips Belgium (Belgien)

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Name: Philips Belgium (Belgien)    (B)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types Others

Philips mit Niederlassungen in Leuven, Brugge und Hasselt (Belgium/Belgien).


See Philips Eindhoven NL.

The factory in L e u v e n produced mostly audio equipment such as radio sets, receivers and amplifiers both for the local market and for export under various brands and model types. Sometimes marked "Made in Holland".

Other Belgian Philips factories include the television factory in Brugge and the audio equipment factory in Hasselt which produced mostly tape recorders, cassette recorders, pick-ups and CD players.

The origin letters used in front of the serial number and on separate chassis labels are L or later PL for L e u v e n, AG for Brugge and H or later AH for Hasselt. 

This manufacturer was suggested by Hugo Sneyers.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
57/58 B3X70U /04 UCH81  LW: 1132 - 2000m.MW: 185 - 580m.KW: 16,58 - 50,5m. Gehäusefarbe: elfenbein Siehe auc... 
71/72 22RH702 /90P /90Z BF334  Transistoren teilweise mehrfach. 2 Ausführungen: /90P = Palisander/90Z = Nuß... 
51–53 BX310A /14 ECH42  This model has an extra band for fishery frequencies. AM radio for external antenna: ... 
85 FP455 70FP455   Tangential-Plattenspieler für Hifi-Systemanlage F455 CD (mit CD-Spieler CD150, Tuner FT455... 
72–74 Stereo-Steuergerät SA5901 /22Z   Mittelwellen-Bereich 2-fach unterteilt. Inklusive zwei Lautsprecherboxen RH410. Parallelg... 
58/59 B3X81U /69 UCC85  Siehe auch Philips B3X81U /01 
51–53 BX310A /53 ECH42   
50 BX300U UCH42  Siehe auch Philips BX300U /00 /04 (Niederlande) und BX300U /19 (Belgien, da "L" vor Appara... 
83 Compact Disc Player CD 300 (CD300) [/00 /05]   First generation compact disc player with a Philips CDM-0 laser transport mechanism, 2 x T... 
41/42 958A ECH3  3 wave bands: SW 13.5 - 50 m MW 165 - 570 m LW 585 - 2000 m Record player c... 
53/54 BX230U UCH42  LW 1154 - 2000m MW 185 - 580m KW 16,5 - 50,5 m  
49/50 BX290U -05 UCH42  EE: Siehe den Beitrag über Typprüfung. Von der Skala her scheint das Modell mit ... 


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Philips Belgium (Belgien)
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Philips Belgium (Belgien)
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