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Realtone Electronics Corp.; New York

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Name: Realtone Electronics Corp.; New York    (USA)  
alternative name:
Realtone, NY
Abbreviation: realtone-u
Products: Model types

Realtone Electronics Corp.
71 Fifth Ave.
New York, NY (1963)  Later located at 34 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ (1971)

Realtone is a brand of transistor consumer electronics imported from the Far East.  The USA company had an association with a factory in Japan to produce some of their models.  The Japan entity was Realtone Electronics, Inc., Tokyo.

Realtone also distrubuted the Soundesign brand starting in 1963, and changed their name to Soundesign Corporation in 1968.  The corporate name was changed again to SDI Technologies in 1994 and still exists today (2019).

Founded: 1956

The history of Realtone is complicated, and there are many uncertainties.  It does present, however, an interesting insight into the often opaque world of the Far East brands, distributors, and manufacturers.  The evolution of these brands was rapid, along with changes in manufacturing locations.  

Realtone Electronics Corp. was formed in 1956 by Saul Ashkenazi in order to market pocket transistor radios and Realite cigarette lighters.  At about the same time, Meyer Silvera and Rahmo Sassoon took over the operations of a Japanese electronics manufacturer which became Realtone Electronics, Inc.  Mr. Ashkenazi was reported to be a 1/3 owner of the Japan company.  Realtone Electronics Corp. provided marketing and distribution and Realtone Electronics, Inc. was the manufacturer.  The Japan factory also made radios for other brands including Lincoln, Supreme, Longines Symphonette, Channel Master, Tonecrest, and perhaps others.  The factory was assigned Japan Code 604 around 1963.

Realtone Electronics Corp began marketing the Soundesign brand in 1963.  Some of the products were identical to the Realtone products except for the label.  The company changed its name to Soundesign Corporation in 1968, and continued to market and distribute the Realtone brand into the 1970's and the Soundesign brand into the 1980's.  The company name was changed again to SDI Technologies in 1994 and the corporate office was moved to Rahway, NJ.  SDI aquired licenses to market the Zenith and Timex brands in 1993, and reintroduced the Realtone and Soundesign brands in 2012 with retro clock radios and headphones.

Realtone Electronics Corp. used at least three other factories in Japan to manufacture their products. These used Japan Codes 518, 707, and 716.  They also used a factory in Okinawa, although that may be one of the preceeding codes.  They later used manufacturers in Hong Kong, Tiawan, Singapore, and China.

The ownership position of Saul Ashkenazi in the Japan factory ended around 1965.  Realtone Electronics, Inc. then opened a factory in Hong Kong in 1966 under the name Realtone Electronics Ltd.  

The vast majority of Realtone branded products were marketed and distributed worldwide by Realtone Electronics Corp..  These products can be distinguished by the several brand logos shown on this page.  Realtone Electronics, Inc. appears to have marketed and distributed a limited number of products under the Realtone brand.  None of these were distributed in the USA and they are distinguished by the gothic letter logo shown on this page.  Some of these products were manufactured in Korea and the Philippines.

The USA based Realtone Electronics Corp/Soundesign Corp/SDI Technologies still exists today (2019).  The status of Realtone Electronics, Inc. is less certain, but most likely was ended no later than 1996.


Sources of Information:  The ownership history of these companies was provided by Mathew Albert Nissim in a phone converstion with David Erali (RMorg administrator) on October 22, 2019.  Nissim is the brother-in-law of Meyer Silvera, and was the Managing Director of Realtone Electonics, Ltd. from 1966 - 1969.  Other data was obtained from the current SDI Technologies website.  The existing model files also were reviewed for relevant information.

This manufacturer was suggested by Juan Antonio Pardo-Alonso.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  58 Six Transistor TR-701    
USA  59 Supreme Six Transistors Electra TR-801   See also the similar Realtone 6+2 and Realtone Electra 
USA  58 Custom All Transistors    
USA  59 Comet TR-1088   The TR-1088 features a prominent gold medallion in the shape of an 8 framing the 'eye glas... 
USA  58 Belair TR-802    
USA  60 6 Transistor TR-1626   Similar to Bradford TR-1626. 
USA  59/60 Electra Six Transistors TR-801 2N219  All Hitachi Transistors. 
USA  61 Constellation TR-861 2SA160  Realtone Constellation TR-861 with round metal front grille, metal stand at cabinet back, ... 
USA  60 Realtone TR-826    
USA  62 Eight Transistor TR-1820   Realtone Eight Transistor Pocket Radio Model TR-1820. 8 Transistors + 1 Thermistor an... 
USA  64 Lincoln Eight Transistor TR-1820   See similar models Realtone TR-1820 and SounDesign TR-1820. 
USA  60 Voyager Nine Transistor TR-970   Realtone Nine Transistor TR-970 (unproven nick name: "Voyager");Coverage: LW: 130 - 400 KH... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Script logo used on transistor sets from the 1950's.tbn_realtone_logo_early.jpg
Block letter logo used on transistor sets from the 1950's.tbn_realtone_logo_early2.jpg
Updated logo used primarily in the 1960's.tbn_realtone_logo_early3.jpg
Final logo using slanted, lower case letters. This style was used in the 1960's and 1970's. Note that the reference to Realtone Electronics Corp. most likely was discontinued after 1968 when the company name was changed to Soundesign Corp.tbn_realtone_logo_late.jpg
Gothic style logo used by Realtone Electronics, Inc.tbn_realtone_logo~~1.jpg

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Realtone Electronics Corp.; New York
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Realtone (where?) Japan
Eckhard Wegner

ERSTMALS hier auf meinem Bestand ein Gerät die Bestätigung der tatsächlichen Firmierung gefunden:
Realtone Electronics Inc., Japan .

Wie / wer kann all die gelisteten Modelle dementsprechend ändern ?

Eckhard Wegner

Realtone Electronics Corp.; New York
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