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History of the manufacturer  

Acme Apparatus Co.; Cambridge (MA)

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Name: Acme Apparatus Co.; Cambridge (MA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: acmeapp
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Acme Apparatus Company; 200 Massachussets Avenue, Cambridge 39, Massachussets. In the August 1926 McGraw-Hill Radio Trade Catalog under the heading of manufacturers of Loud Speakers on page 217, the Acme Apparatus Company was located at 37 Osborn Street in Cambridge. Ma. The company's loud speaker was called the "Kleerspeaker."

Manufacturer of transformer, amplifiers and loud speakers.


This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  27 Acme Type K-1A   Double Free Edge Cone, with double drivers and identical paper cones on the front and back... 
USA  22 Acme Detector Type Y-1 [WD-11 Tube] WD11  The Acme Apparatus Company Acme Detector built for a WD-11 tube. It had a small oak wood c... 
USA  23/24 4 Tube Reflex kit   This is a Reflex made from ACME parts following an ACME construction envelope. 
USA  23/24 Kleerspeaker    
USA  23 Radio Frequency Amplifying Transformer R-2   Radio Frequency Amplifying Transformer R-2: Radio Transformer for the ACME tube reflex ... 
USA  24 Variable Condenser   Variable "lowest loss" Condenser. Vernier control seven to one ratio. 0.000016 - 0.0005 m... 
USA  22 Amplifying Transformer A-2S   Amplifying Transformer A-2S. 
USA  23 Reflex Acmefone [Late 1923 without speaker]   Acme Apparatus Reflex Acmefone 4-tube Reflex receiver. 
USA  22 Amplifying Transformer A-2   Amplifying Transformer A-2. 
USA  26/27 Acme Junior K-3   Acme Junior K-3 Enclosed Single Free Edge Cone Speaker. Can accept anode current up to 25 ... 
USA  22 Detector 2 Stage Amplifier DY-12 UV200  ACME Detector and Two-Stage Amplifier Consists of Audion detector to which is added two st... 
USA  22 Two-Stage Audio Amplifier DY-10 UV201  ACME Two-Stage Amplifier Sockets mounted on bakelite base: positive spring connections. F... 


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