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History of the manufacturer  

Charkov Radio Works Nr. 158, former 193 (company code 165)

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Name: Charkov Radio Works Nr. 158, former 193 (company code 165)    (SU)  
Abbreviation: charkov
Military radio equipments producer in Charkov (Ukraine - SU). Produced well-known Russian receivers as "KROT", R-251, R-252, R-310, R-250M and others.

Since 1939 Завод № 193 НКАП, НКЭП, since 1941 Завод № 158 НКЭП, company code 165, since 1966 Радиозавод «Протон», п/я М-5377, ГП «Харьковский радиозавод «Протон» , Ukraine, г. Харьков, пл. Восстания, 7/8. In 2014 it went bankrupt.

Founded: 1927
Closed: 2014

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  54–58 Dozor R-310 {Р-310} 2Ж27Л  AM/CW, projection tuning scale. Tubes via front panel changeable. Separate power supply mo... 
SU  55 Donez {Донец} [radiogramophone] 6Н3П  Record player 33 and 78 rpm, piezoelectric tone-arm. From 1954 set produced in Berdsk R... 
SU  55 Donez (Донец Радиоприемник) 6Н3П  From 1954 set produced in Berdsk Radio Works too. 
SU  53–60 Krot-M {Крот-М}   1.5 - 24 MHz in 12 ranges, AM/CW. Projection tuning scale. Needs separate power supply, we... 
SU  48–52 Krot {Крот}   Very famous, first after WW2, professional russian radio receiver, produced in series. Nam... 
SU  36 Komsomole {Комсомолец} СО-124   
SU  60 Har'kov - Харьков 6Н14П  43 cm b/w TV with 12 channel OIRT standard VHF tuner, OIRT FM radio band. 
SU  58–67 "Dozor" R-310M {Р-310М} 2Ж27Л  1.0 - 25.0 MHz in six ranges, AM/CW (BFO), projection tuning scale, turret tuner. Tubes vi... 
SU  74 Katran R-399A   Military and special usage receiver. Changed famous SU receiver R-250 - see Rmorg. O... 
SU  40–57 Dal (Даль) KV (КВ) 2К2М  Short wave military receiver. Coverage 1,5 - 30 MHz in five ranges. Prototype was USA r... 


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