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History of the manufacturer  

Ballantine Laboratories Inc.; Boonton, New Jersey

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Name: Ballantine Laboratories Inc.; Boonton, New Jersey    (USA)  
Abbreviation: ballantine
Products: Model types Others

Charles Stuart Ballantine: Negative feedback, automatic volume control, radio direction finding, vertical antenna theory, microphone acoustics. Founder, Ballantine Laboratories. One of his books see attachment. He received the Edwin H. Armstrong Medal in 1946. The company is nowadays located at 9 Saddle Road, Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, USA Main products: Calibration equipment, standards etc.

Founded: 1943

This manufacturer was suggested by Felix Schaffhauser.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  62 True RMS Voltmeter 320A 5654  Voltage range: 100µV to 330V (10µV sensitivity as null detector) dB range: -8... 
USA  75 Wideband True RMS AC Voltmeter 323-06   Ballantine Wideband True RMS AC Voltmeter 323-06; True RMS Response, including harmonics ... 
USA  74 Capacitance Meter 72B   Measuring range: 1 pF - 3000 pF. Programmable interface for 5 & 15 Volt DC. 
USA  54 Electronic Voltmeter 302B   Battery operated VTVM. Six ranges, from 100 microvolts to 100 volts rms; 2 Hz to 150 kHz. ... 
USA  42 Rack Mounted Voltmeter 300- S/2 6J7  1 mV to 100 V in five ranges, plus 1 and 10 kV with multipliers; 10 Hz to 150 kHz, logarit... 
USA  48 Sensitive Electronic Voltmeter 300D 6AU6   
USA  54 Sensitive Inverter 700   Sensitive chopper/preamplifier for measuring very feeble signals. Input voltage down to 1 ... 
USA  54 Wide Band Electronic Voltmeter 314-U/3 5654  1 mV to 1000V in six ranges, 15 Hz to 6 MHz, 11 meghoms input impedance. 100 microvolts wi... 
USA  55 True RMS Voltmeter 320 5654  100µV to 320V or -80dB to +50dB; 5Hz to 500KHz; 3% basic accuracy. 
USA  42 Decade Amplifier 220   ×10 and ×100 amplifier, 10 to 100.000 Hz bandwidth. Increases the sensitivity of model 300... 
USA  42–49 Electronic Voltmeter 300 6J7  1 mV to 100 V in five ranges, plus 1 and 10 kV with multipliers; 10 Hz to 150 kHz, logarit... 
USA  70 Voltmeter AN/USM-413   RMS-Voltmeter 0,5 mV-500 V in 6 Bereichen. Eingangs-Impedanz 10 MOhm/25 pF, Triaxial-Einga... 


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