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History of the manufacturer  

Grozny SINTAR Radiotechnical Works

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Name: Grozny SINTAR Radiotechnical Works    (SU)  
Abbreviation: grozn
Products: Model types Others

"Grozny Radiotechnical Works" was started in 1959 in the city of Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. Primary production was military electronics yet over 15 different models of portable broadcast radios have also been produced. Current official name is "Grozny SINTAR Radiotechnical Works"

Founded: 1959

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  80 Gjala (Giala) - Гиала 410   5,6 Volt supply voltage minimum. DC, aerial, earth, earphones cockets. 
SU  60 Atmosfera {Атмосфера} 2   Bakelite case, modern plastic front panel. One of the first SU transistor radio models. 
SU  88 Turist {Турист} RP-315 {РП-315}   AC 220V supply block separate, but same as battery pack and block set-in in radio set. Man... 
SU  67 Surpris - Sûrpriz - Сюрприз ГТ309  Needs extern power charger 127/220 V. 
SU  68 Гиала Giala, Gjala    
SU  89 Turist {Турист} RP-215 {РП-215} КТ315  Anschlüsse für Außenantenne, Erde und Ohrhörer. In das Batterief... 
SU  93 Sintar RP-215   Analogous to SU radio "Turist RP-215" (see in RMorg). 
SU  73 Gjala (Giala) - Гиала 404 КТ315   
SU  86 Gjala (Giala) - Гиала 310    
SU  77–79 Gjala (Giala) - Гиала 407 КТ315   
SU  66 Alpinist - Альпинист П422  Similar to model Alpinist from Voronezh Polius Radio Works. Das Gerät wird betrieben mi... 
SU  82 Turist {Турист} 312   On battery cover are symbols six "C" cells (baby) or two 4,5 Volt batteries. For in... 


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