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History of the manufacturer  

Dynatron Radio Ltd., Maidenhead, Berkshire

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Name: Dynatron Radio Ltd., Maidenhead, Berkshire    (GB)  
Abbreviation: dynatron
Products: Model types Others

Manufacturer of high quality radiograms, televisions and radios.

Dynatron was a trading name of H Hacker and Sons in 1935. 

Production: 1927 - 1981

Closely associated with Hacker in the earlier years and then with Roberts. Some similarities in radios from all three companies.

The firm started trading in 1927 and operated independently until being bought by Ekco in 1955. In 1960 Ekco merged with Pye, and then Pye was bought by Philips in 1967. During this time, Dynatron was moved from Maidenhead to King's Lynn. In 1981, Philips sold Dynatron to Roberts Radio.

Although the early development was done by Murphy, it is understood that Dynatron did the production of some Rebecca radar equipment. This is mentioned in Chapter 22 of the IEE's "Radar Development to 1945". Dynatron also made Gee equipment as well as Cossor.

This manufacturer was suggested by William J Blanchflower.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  59 Nomad TP11 XA102 
GB  60 Linnet TP12 XA102  This is the table version of the Dynatron TP11 Nomad. 
GB  63 Jewel 7 Transistors TP-30 AF117 
GB  61 Gypsy TP-16 AF117 
GB  60 Tourist TP14 OC44  LW band pre-set to 1500m (Light program). Battery type PP4. 
GB  68 Elite TP40 AF115  A battery powered two band AM portable 8 transistor radio covering MW (185 - 570 metres) a... 
GB  65 Jewel 8 Transistors TP33   Different chassis and case from model TP30. Seems to be quite rare. Not listed in Radio Ra... 
GB  68 Rally TP42 AF115  The first three transistors are contained in a Mullard LP1156 IF module. 
GB  69 Elan TP38 - TP39 AF178   
GB  31 Ether King Radio Gramophone EK46 VM4V  Band pass tuning, with gramophone, additional automatic record changer extra. 
GB  60 Edinburgh RG14   2 Chassis: RG14SA + T11, 4 speed Garrard record player Type RC88/4. 
GB  58 Savoy TV33   17" 405 line TV with VHF band I/III GB Tuner. 


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