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History of the manufacturer  

Kennedy Co., Colin B.; San Francisco & St.Louis

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Name: Kennedy Co., Colin B.; San Francisco & St.Louis    (USA)  
alternative name:
Colin B. Kennedy Corp.
Brand: Globe Trotter
Abbreviation: kennedy
Products: Model types

The Colin B. Kennedy Co., Inc., Rialto Building, San Francisco, California & Saint Louis, Missouri.
In the May 1925 issue of The Radio Trade Directory under the section for manufacturers of Loud Speakers on page 122, the Colin B. Kennedy Corporation was located at 6400 Plymouth Avenue in Saint Louis, Missouri. This company was listed as the sole selling agents for the Colin B. Kennedy Company, Saint Louis.

Trade names Comet, Coronet, Globe Trotter, Kennedy, Royal. A Studebaker company.
Kennedy Corporation, Colin B.; South Bend, Indiana, USA: Tochterges. des Studebaker-Konzerns [3331423]; Generalvertretung Schweiz: R. Eichenberger, Zürich.

Founded: 1919

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  24 Phono Drop-in Receiver Type 421 UV201A  Kennedy Type 421 Phono Receiver chassis built for the Victrola Models 215, 400, ... 
USA  24 Phono Drop-in Receiver Type 420 UV201A  Kennedy Type 420 Phono Receiver chassis built for the Victrola Models 215, 400, ... 
USA  24 Phono Drop-in Receiver 410GA UV201A  Kennedy Type 410GA Receiver chassis built for the Victrola Models 215, 400, 405 and 410. ... 
USA  21 Intermediate Wave Receiver Type 220 [1st Version] UV200  From the Western Historic Radio Museum: The Kennedy Intermediate Wave Receiver was... 
USA  33 62LS 235  Kennedy Model 62LS with built-in Model 54A Shortwave adapter The tube configuration... 
USA  27 Spinet Type   With 4 stages of individually tuned radio frequency, detector, 2 audio stages, without ... 
USA  21 Short Wave Receiver Type 281 [First version with two tap switch knobs] UV200  Three dials (primary tuning control knobs) Covers 175 to 620 meters. 
USA  33 324 B 3256 6A7  With a tube 6A7, 19233 is the most early date for this model. David Turpin, the creat... 
USA  21 Regenerative Receiver 220 & A.F. Amplifier 525 UV200  Combination: Regenerative Receiver 220 & A.F. Amplifier 525.   
USA  21 Short Wave Regenerative Receiver Type 200   Colin Kennedy Type 200 Short Wave Regenerative Receiver 
USA  23 312   Colin Kennedy Model 312 Portable Receiver. Upgraded version of the Kennedy 311 portable re... 
USA  21 Short-Wave Radio Variometer Type 909   Colin B. Kennedy Company Mounted Short-Wave Radio Variometer. The unit was also available ... 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Firmen-Logo: Kennedy USA um 1929tbn_usa_kennedy_1929_firmenlogo.jpg
Radio News for October 1925, page 505tbn_usa_kennedy_advert.jpg
Circa 1929 Kennedy advertising brochuretbn_usa_kennedy_1929brochure_1.jpg
Circa 1929 Kennedy advertising brochuretbn_usa_kennedy_1929brochure_2.jpg
Circa 1929 Kennedy advertising brochuretbn_usa_kennedy_1929brochure_3.jpg
Radio Broadcast 1923tbn_usa_kennedy.jpg
Advert ~1923tbn_us_kennedy_advert.jpg
August 1922, Electrical Record magazine announcement of the Wagner Electric Co. acquiring an interest in the Colin B. Kennedy Company and turning over their 6 story factory in St. Louis to Kennedy.tbn_usa_kennedy_wagner_announcement_august1922_electrical_record_page_122.jpg