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History of the manufacturer  

Breville; Sydney

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Name: Breville; Sydney    (AUS)  
Abbreviation: breville
Products: Model types

Breville Radio Pty Ltd., 67 Missenden Rd. Camperdown, Sydney

Founded: 1932
Closed: 1959
Production: 1932 - 1959
Bill O'Brien, a radio salesman and Harry Norville, an engineer founded "Breville Radio". Breville is a derivative from the names O'Brien and Norville. Breville's famous catch cry was "Eventually---why not now?"
During World War II, Breville manufactured mine detectors. After the war, they returned to radio manufacturing.
In 1951, Melbourne firm A. W. Jackson Pty, Ltd, manufacturers of "Precedent" & "Democrat" radios made an appearance in Sydney. By 1953, A. W. Jackson had taken over the radio manufacturing division of Breville. In July 1955, A.W. Jackson in turn became a subsidiary company of Radio Corporation (E.I.L./Astor). A.W. Jackson continued to manufacture at the Missenden Rd factory Breville branded radiograms, and after 1956, television sets. Until 1959 Breville branded sets were rebadged versions of Precedent models. After the take over of the radio division by A.W. Jackson Breville's focus then turned to small appliances. The appliance division exists to this day.

This manufacturer was suggested by Bill Morris.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
AUS  49 Personal 1T4  Uses permeability tuning. Tambour door is also the power switch. Antenna in strap. ... 
AUS  50 Gem 903 6AN7  Available in assorted Pastel shades plus Cream or Burgundy with Gold trim. 
AUS  35 Lincoln 58 AK1  Identical to model 57 except for cabinet styling. 
AUS  35 57 AK1  This model identical to 58 except for cabinet styling. 
AUS  46/47 Empire Mantel 330E Ch= 330 6J8G  A very similar if not identical model 330M (chassis 330) was sold in 1941. Same chassis w... 
AUS  48 330J 6J8G  BC local / BC distant / SW. 
AUS  39 138 6U7G  Has switched variable selectivity. 
AUS  36 Richmond 67 6C6  Autodyne type frequency changer. 
AUS  37 Jewel 81 AK1   
AUS  37 Utility Bookcase Console 81 AK1  Console cabinet with storage space underneath for books, etc. 
AUS  37 85C 6A7  Console version of model 85. 
AUS  37 89 1C4  Vibrator power supply. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

As advertised in "West Australian Wireless News" December 14, 1935tbn_aus_breville_advert_1935.jpg
Advertisement from The Wagga Wagga Express, May 26, 1934 Page 10.tbn_aus_breville_ad_1934.jpg
Battery powered radio advertisement from The Daily Advertiser (NSW), July 6, 1937tbn_aus_breville_ad_the_daily_advert_july_6_1937.jpg
Advertisement stating various chassis can be purchased with various cabinets. Nambour Chronical (Qld), 3 June 1938, page 8tbn_aus_breville_ad_1938.jpg
1938 advertisement for “Zip Automatic Tuning” receivers using the Ferrodine Iron Core tuner. Radio Retailer of Australia, 23/09/1938, Page 6tbn_aus_breville_ad_rr_1938.jpg
Brevelle Pty. Ltd. was registered on 13 March 1936. From The Age (Vic) 17 march 1936 P17.tbn_aus_breville_registered_age_vic_17_3_36p17.jpg
Harry Norville disposed of his complete shareholding in the company to Bill O’Brian on 16 June 1937 From The Telegraph (QLD) 16June 1937, page 14.tbn_aus_breville_novelle_sells_shares_the_telegraph_16_jun_1937_p14.jpg
Breville factory, corner of Elizabeth & Belvoir St., Surry Hills, Sydney. Building still stands.tbn_aus_breville_factory.jpg
1936 Vibrator Battery Radio Models. Radio Retailer of Australia Vol. 11, No. 3 (198th Issue), 14/8/1936, Page 17.tbn_aus_breville_82_models.jpg