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History of the manufacturer  

Clarion Co., Ltd.; Tokyo

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Name: Clarion Co., Ltd.; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: clarion
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Clarion Co., Ltd.; 5-35-2 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku 112-8608, Tokyo, Japan.
Main Products: Car audio, Car navigation system, AutoPCs, Visual equipment, Bus equipment, Communication equipment, SS wireless equipment.

Founded: 1940
Production: 1940 -
Info-source: Corporate info
December, 1940 Established as Hakusan Wireless Electric Company, began manufacturing of battery-operated household radios.
November, 1943 Merged with Takizawa Wireless Electric Industries Co., Ltd., renamed as Teikoku Dempa Co., Ltd.
February, 1951 Produced Japan's first car radio.
June, 1958 Exported car radios to U.S., creating the base for Japanese car audio exports.
October, 1963 Developed Japan's first car stereo, began marketing August of following year.
March, 1968 Marketed Japan's first cassette car stereo.
December, 1970 Corporate name changed to Clarion Co., Ltd. First overseas factory (CM) established as joint venture in Malaysia.
July, 1983 Factory established in France(CF).
November, 1983 Manufacturing company established in Mexico.
October, 1989 Manufacturing company established in the Philippines.
January, 1995 Clarion Orient Co. (COC) established in Hong Kong.
April, 1995 Factory completed in China (DCOE).
October, 1997 Manufacturing company established in Hungary.

This manufacturer was suggested by Otmar Jung.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
87 925HP PE-9174A   Metallgehäuse mit Kunststofffront. 
48 4B UZ-6D6  "National Standard Receiver No. 4B". Kou-ichi-Typ. Datenherkunft: K. Hayashi. 
52 5S-5 6W-C5   
71 LE-301   FM Stereo-Cartridge. Wird in 8-Track Playern anstatt der Musikkassette eingeschoben. F&... 
79 PE-758A   ICs: 7Stereo tuner and stereo cassette. Power op. 2× 8 W. 
68 GA-502   Clarion Compo Car Stereo Amplifier GA-502.Max. output 20 W, S/N ratio: more than 70 dB, Po... 
68 Compo Car Stereo GT-501   Clarion Compo Car Stereo Tuner - FM:88-108 MHz, AM: 530-1605 KHz, CZ1 Noise Suppression fo... 
68 GD-501   Clarion Compo Car Stereo, Auto Reverse Stereo Cassette Deck.Maximum output 620 mW, 0.15 % ... 
81 GA-301   Stereo-Endstufe mit 2 x 12 Watt Sinus an 4 Ohm, 20 - 30.000Hz. 
81 G-80TVF   Digital Synthesizer Tuner, 20 - 12.500Hz, Verkehrsfunk SDK, 8 Stationstasten. 
81 G-80D   Auto-Reverse-Cassettendeck, Dolby, 30 - 15.000Hz.Clarion-Anti-Rolling-Cassettenmechanik. 
90 Finish Line 611   Finish Line 611, Programmspeicher, beleuchtete LCD-Anzeige, Code-Funktion, zwei Endstufen,... 


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