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History of the manufacturer  

Damaiter (marca / brand); ved. le note / see text

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Name: Damaiter (marca / brand); ved. le note / see text    (I)  
Abbreviation: damaiter
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Damaiter era una delle marche del produttore Magnadyne. Molte radio con marchio Damaiter furono vendute con piccole modifiche (o nessuma modifica) con un differente nome col marchio Magnadyne.

Damaiter was one of the brands of the maker Magnadyne in Italy. Most of the Damaiter-branded radios were also sold, with little changes (or no changes at all), with other model designation under Magnadyne brand.

This manufacturer was suggested by Alessandro De Poi.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
57/58 M840 6T26  Serie ANIE MF. 
54 M821 UCH42   La targhetta dell'apparecchio riporta la data certa. Classe anie 1954.  
50 M 906 6TE8  Gamme d'onda: 2 medie e 2 corte. Wave bands: 2× BC, 2× SW. Paralleltype zum Magnadyne S ... 
60 5024-41 9TP4  Tubo catodico da 17". Tubi serie Magnadyne. 
51 M816 UCH42  Gamme d'onda: 2× OM, 2× OC. Stesso chassis Magnadyne A16.Wave bands: 2× BC, 2× SW. 
50 M903 6TE8   
55 M818 ECH81   
49–51 M826 6TE8  Stesso chassis Magnadyne S22, S24, Kennedy 240K. The Damaiter M826 relies on the same cha... 
58/59 M841 6T26  Serie ANIE MF.  
53 M893 UCH42  Gamme d'onda: 2 medie e 2 corte. 
58 M847 6T26   
58 M1841 6T26