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History of the manufacturer  

Pilot Electric Mfg. Co. (Radio Corp.); Brooklyn (NY)

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Name: Pilot Electric Mfg. Co. (Radio Corp.); Brooklyn (NY)    (USA)  
alternative name:
Pilot Radio & Television || Pilot Radio and Tube || Pilot Radio Corporation
Brand: Dragon || Jumbo || Pilotone || Rainbow || Super Dragon || Super Wasp || Twentieth Century || Wasp
Abbreviation: pilot
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Pilot Electric Mfg. Co.; 103 Broadway, Brooklyn, then 323 Berry Street, Brooklyn (NY). Was formally organized by Isidor Goldberg.
Other names:
Pilot Radio Corporation Long Island City NY USA (with own record label)
Pilot Radio & Television Co.
Pilot Radio and Tube Co., Lawrence, Massachusetts.
Pilot Radio Co.,37-06 36th Street, Long Island City, NY.
Beacon Radio Mfg.Co.,Inc., 323 Berry Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Trade names: Air Hound, Air Scout, Captain-Kidd, Dragon, Jumbo, Pilot, Pilotone, Rainbow, Standard, Super Dragon, (Super) Wasp, Twentieth Century.
Swiss agency: Radio-Matériel SA; Lausanne.

Founded: 1922
Bunis / Slusser, Coll.Guide to old Radios.
A.Douglas, Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  59 1078 6BQ7  This is a AM/FM phonograph console manufactured by Pilot Electric. The top lid of the c... 
USA  34 92 6A7   
USA  36 G5206 6D6  Schematic may be similar to the Pilot 255. 
USA  35 103B 6A7  See also Pilot 103. 
USA  35 65-F 6D6  See also Pilot X-65-F. 
USA  36 G-753 F 6A7    Export model: Tuning scale with European transmitter in wavelength. Character... 
USA  60 Pilotuner Mark II 6AQ8  This is an early Pilot FM tube audio FM band tuner. It is mono and needs a multiplex unit ... 
USA  33 Dragon Monarch L 8 B 56  The Pilot Dragon L 8 B uses the same tube layout as Pilot Dragon Allwave 8 and the same ca... 
USA  52 TV-164 12AT7  This is a Pilot television model TV-164. It covers channels 2 through 13 and the FM band 8... 
USA  32 Spider K-527 224  AC powered shortwave converter using plug in coils to cover 20 to 200 Metres band. Supp... 
USA  32 Spider K-528 236  Shortwave converter using plug in coils to cover 20 to 200 Metres band. Powered from a ... 
USA  35 55F 6A7  Similar to Pilot model 55. 


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Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing July 1947 page 128.tbn_rr_jul47_p128.jpg
Record label of a flexible Pilotone record (78rpm)tbn_usa_pilotone_1058_5119.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing September 1947 page 69.tbn_rr_sep47_p69.jpg
Advertisement for Pilot Wasp in Australia. From the "Newcastle Sun" February 8, 1930.tbn_us_pilot_wasp_australian_ad_1930.jpg
Popular Science ad January 1930tbn_pilot_company_ps_130.png
Radio Craft July 1930tbn_pilotron_rc730.png
Popular Science January 1930tbn_pilot_radio_advert_ps130.png
Radio Craft July 1930tbn_pilot_tubes_rc730.png