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History of the manufacturer  

Ampex; San Carlos, CA

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Name: Ampex; San Carlos, CA    (USA)  
Abbreviation: ampex

Ampex was founded by Alexander M. Poniatoff during WWII in 1944 as Ampex Electric and Manufacturing Company in San Carlos, California. The company originally manufactured motors and generators.

Actually: Ampex Data Systems - America, 1228 Douglas, Redwood City, CA 94063-3199

Founded: 1944
Production: 1944 -
In the summer of 1945, the company moved from a rental location to their own building in San Carlos, California and a registration request was submitted to name the company "AMP" (which was the founders nickname). Since "Aircraft Marine Products" had already registered this name the solution was to add an "EX" at the end to make it possible for registration. Shortly after the company opened, the San Carlos newspaper wrote an article about Ampex and gave a striking explanation to the origin to the name. "A.M.P." are the initials of the founder, and the "EX" is an abbreviation for the word "excellent," thus indicating the type of product the company intends to make... Alexander Poniatoff liked this explanation.
During the Second World War Ampex was extremely busy meeting U.S. Army and Navy contract schedules and deliveries for the APS/6 and APS/19 radar motors. The war ended and then came cancellation of the military contracts. Poniatoff looked for a new product. The Magentophone was manufactured by AEG (Germany's "General Electric") and Poniatoff was shown a captured German audio tape recorder that had been developed for use by German army journalists.
The first audio tape recorder Ampex Model 200 made its debut April 25, 1948, when the device was used to record the popular Bing Crosby radio show. The recorders sold for $4,000 each. The Model 300 was shipped in July 1949, and design patents of the Model 300 became the NAB standard. By 1950 Ampex pioneered the development of instrumentation recorder with the design and production of a system for the U.S. Navy (Model 500) based upon its audio recorder design. The first prototypes of the FR-200, instrumentation tape transport, were shown at the Eastern Computer Conference in Boston in late 1955. The first rotary head recorder, the VR-1000 was demonstrated in 1956. It made tape recording of TV signals practical for the first time.

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  56 VR 1000   Schwarz/weiß Bildaufzeichnungsanlage MAZ aus einem Fernsehstudio. 
USA  67 863   Koffer mit Leistungsendstufe. Geschwindigkeiten 4,75/9,5/19 cm/s. Dual-Capstan-Drive für h... 
USA  67 853   Geschwindigkeiten: 4,75/9,5/19 cm/s. Dual capstan drive für horizontalen und veritikalen G... 
USA  51 300C    
USA  51 302    
USA  51 Portable Recorder 400    
USA  55 Tape reproducer 352 12SJ7  1/4" Tape player. Professional equipment for radio and recording studios. Reproductor de c... 
USA  56 Tape recorder duplicator 3200C 12SJ7  Tape copying equipment, makes 10 slave copies simultaneoulsly from one master at a speed o... 
USA  60 0118   Tuner + stereo PreAmp; FM-Stereo with optional Multiplex Adapter. 
USA  61 stereo amp unknown 7199  Power amp stereo; pairs with Ampex Tuner Preamp 0118. 
USA  60 950 12AX7  2 track stereo, speed 7.5 & 3.75 ips. 
USA  99 doublet ID = 151762 unknown   Part of a big Home Stereo Console. 


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